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Well, this was awkward. Being a fifth year up here with a group that was predominantly firsties. Schuyler wasn't the tallest person in the world, but she did look pretty out of place compared to ten- and eleven-year-olds. Oh, look - there was a newly sorted Slytherin girl who looked about her age. See, she wasn't the only one. Plus, she had Olly right beside her, to whom she gave a quick smile. Actually, come to think of it, there were a fair amount of non-traditional sortees, which was somewhat odd considering the fact that they had all chosen a school that was pretty darn broke.

Finally, she was going to be sorted. Schuyler actually had put a considerable amount of thought into which house she might get. In a few minutes she would discover whether her prediction was correct.

Forget minutes, make that NOW.

"Schuyler Emmons."

She walked to the stool, keeping her eyes on that old hat until she had finally reached it. She crossed her ankles when she sat. The hat touched her head....

"Let's see now.. we have a pureblood on our hands. Stubborn girl, yes, with a value for loyalty. One who finds no better motivation than someone telling you that you can't. Striking courage in the face of adversity.. Yes, I know...


Her lips parted in a grin, and she slid from the seat to join the welcoming roars of Gryffindor house.

She'd guessed right.
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