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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cecelia "Cece" Murdoch

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Cece glared at that wretched creature that thought he was going to take her desk. She had brought that desk with her from Sweden. It was hers and she was NOT letting it go without a fight. "What I find unnecessary here is you thinking you can barge into MY office and just take MY furniture without MY permission." Seriously, who did this mongrel think he was?

And why the hell was Minerva still there, and of all things, questioning the goblin herself. Glaring at the child she could feel herself getting angrier and angrier with each passing moment. "Miss Wheatborn, I gave you an order to leave and I expect you to follow that order. It is not your concern what is happening here, nor is it your business to question anyone. Unless you want to spend the remainder of the term in detention you will GO BACK TO YOUR COMMON ROOM NOW!" Cece was so going to be having a talk with Professor Hadley about this one not following direct orders.

She then turned back to the goblin. "I don't care what you say, I will NOT be moving or letting you take my things." That desk had been in her family for many years. She was not about to let some greedy goblin take it. If he wanted it he was going to have to go through her to get it. If she had to she would hex that creature into oblivion.
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