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Name: Gwendolyn H. Greene

Nicknames: lots. From something simple as Gwen, to Lynn, Gwen-Gwen (called so just by Joanna), Tangerine (Selena) and Ice Princess

Date of birth: 7th of November

Star sign: Scorpio

Heritage: Pureblood

Lives in: Ashington, England, with her parents

Siblings: none

Pets: a black cat, named Jinx

House: Ravenclaw

Year: seventh

Wand: 11.43 inch, Beech wood, Aethonon Hair, Swishy

Patronus: a cat

Boggart: Failure

Strongest subject: Potions

Weakest subject: Muggle Studies


At a first glimpse, Gwendolyn can seem rude, mean and self-centered, always managing to make a bad first impression, but she can be really friendly too. Gwen dislikes having to talk about herself, and prefers to be the one who listens to what others say. Even though she tries not to, she always loves to point out that she is right. Gwendolyn loves to consider herself a true Ravenclaw, being an intelligent and creative girl, but she is also ambitious and cunning, which made her believe she wouldn’t be sorted into this house at Hogwarts.


Likes: the wizarding world, spending time with her friends, traveling, drawing, brewing potions, photography, the colour blue, Ravenclaw

Dislikes: failure, excessively talkative people, living without magic, her middle name



Ariadne Marchbanks

Gwen’s best friend. The two of them met during the summer holiday, and Ari was the first magical friend Gwen made. Even though they have been sorted into different houses, they spent a lot of time together. The best memories Gwen has with the Gryffindor are: the time they used a wooden board to slide over the moving staircase (second year), the time they made a part of Gwen’s hair blue (an accident, of course) and many others.

Jory Stonewall

They met on Diagon Alley, before their first year at Hogwarts. Even though she had been kind of rude to the Hufflepuff at first, they eventually started getting along, and now Jory is one of her closest friends.

Nora Reed

The partner in crime.

Cassia Somerlad

Despite the age difference, the two of them got along well from the beginning.

Ezekiel “Zeke” de Ferreis

Like her best friend had told her, Gwen either loved or hated the Gryffindors. When they first met Zeke was, in Gwen’s opinion, the most annoying person ever. Though things changed over the years and she fell in the other extreme.

Joanna Olsen

The ‘awesome’ friend. Even though Gwen usually mocked her friend for her American accent and the ‘oh my god’ phrase she used so often, the Ravenclaw had always been one of the people Gwen had looked up to.

Amara Kaul

Amara was one of the firsties Gwen had met at the beginning of her seventh year. It was impossible not to notice the similarities between them (rudeness, acting like a Slytherin, both liked Potions etc.) and Amara is therefore the ‘Mini Gwen’.

Vincenzo Vanderbilt and Kurumi Hollingberry

The two had been the people Gwen had looked up to. Enough said.
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