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Term 34: May - August 2013 Term Thirty-Four: Poor in Fund$ but Rich in Ice Cream (September 2080 - June 2081)

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Ravenclaw Ravenclaw Scroll of Distinction

Ravenclaw House Cup Championships
2049-2050, 2051-2052, 2054-2055,
2055-2056, 2058-2059, 2059-2060,
2067-2068, 2070-2071

Ravenclaw Inter-House Tournament Championships
2052-2053, 2061-2062

Ravenclaw Quidditch Cup Championships
2051, 2052, 2053, 2059, 2060, 2066, 2067, 2068, 2074, 2078

Ravenclaw Gobstones Club Championships

Ravenclaw Head of House: Professor Gemma Cerulean (Lezleighd)
Ravenclaw House Assistant: Professor Calista Elwood (DanialRadFAN01)
Ravenclaw Prefect: Beatrice Castell (xXxPandora)
Ravenclaw Prefect: Ethan McCarthy (emjay)
Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain: Elise Fairfield (iceblossom22)

It's time to meet and greet with all your fellow Ravenclaws! Post your name, year, where your character is from and anything else you want to include!

Here's a sample of the type of things your classmates want to know about you
Character Name:
Character Age:
Year in School:
Physical Description:
More About You (family background, friends, etc.):

*If you post a picture, it should be no larger than 350 pixels wide and 350 pixels high (60kb) , come from your own imaging account, and follow all SS rules (images that are too big will be removed and a PM sent).

**Remember, this is about your school character and not the real you.

Updated 4.19.13

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Special Services to the School
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Everleigh Tris Annesley
Fifth Year
Default Eagle Pride through the years.....
*RabidRavenclaw*Nymphadora!*BritneySpearsFanatic* *Eclectic*ZetaTauAlphaPrincess*TexasAngel*

*Characters are added when their bios have been posted. If you change charries before they graduate please message LezleighD so they can be removed from the list.*

First Years-Class of 2087
* Isobel Laning (aaetha)

Second Years-Class of 2087
* Mathilda Bennett (Pottermaniac)
* Rachel Fletcher (itsgaallopes)
* Audrey Moran (freddy-finn)

Third Years-Class of 2086
* Dustin Ashby (cake.ninjak)
* Veronica Dartry (Paintbrush)
* Aquila Llywelyn (steelsheen)
* Audrey Moran (decembermoon)
* Ariella Day (PotterWings333)
* Aidan Stone (HaRoHeGiNeLu)

Fourth Years-Class of 2085
* Michelle Adams (vanillasweetheart)
* Nigel Barrington (Meizzner)
* Hazel Grace (Lollipop!)
* Niahm-Anfield Hope (giant_squid_fan)
* Amelia Johanson (McFeisty)
* Isidora Miroslava (grangerfan8)
* Aurora Opal (pinkphoenix)
* Hilda Xavier (hoole)

Fifth Years-Class of 2084
* Travis Gordon (Walrus)
* Lana Hyde (DHVixen)
* Lily Potter (Hermione Lily Potter)
* Violet Silverstar (midnight thestral)
* Rowan Smithson (willowseawinds)

Sixth Years-Class of 2083
* Jezabel Black (Jezabel Black)
* Beatrice Castell (xXxPandora)
* Nerida Eventide (Luna_Midnight)
* Elise Fairfield (iceblossom22)
* Erin Heyman (WitchLight27)
* Taylor McIntyre (Unalii)
* Kendall Quinn (SilverTiger)
* Jayden Troutwater (Hazelstone101)
* Harvey Watson (EW_FAN)
* Rawdon Vindictus (demeanted_death_eater)

Seventh Years-Class of 2082
* Kannalynne Basthowe (GlassXRose)
* Presley Black (Presley Black)
* Gwendolyn Greene (QuickQuotesQuill)
* Ethan McCarthy (emjay)
* Helen McGregory (prettyme99)
* Elliot Morganzo (Kayquilz)

Ravenclaw Alumni Currently on Staff
* Professor Gemma Cerulean-Class of 2061 (Lezleighd)
* Librarian Leobald Axel Kitridge-Class of 2065 (Nordic Witch)
* Professor Seren Bentley-Class of 2065 (Hera)

SPOILER!!: Famous Ravenclaws:

* Rowena Ravenclaw
* Helena Ravenclaw
* Fillius Flitwick
* Garrick Olivander
* Luna Lovegood
* Gilderoy Lockhart
* Ignatia Wildsmith
* Lorcan McLaird
* Laverne de Montgomery
* Perpetua Fancourt
* Moaning Myrtle
* Millicent Bagnold
* Uric the Oddball

SPOILER!!: Former Hogwarts Staff Ravenclaws:

* Professor Kris Atelia, Potions Master 2051-2055-Class of 1979
* Professor Ian Michael Ashby, Charms 2067-2070-Class of 2019
* Professor Hazelle Belle, Astronomy 2059-2062-Class of 2056
* Professor Seren Bentley, Herbology 2074-present-Class of 2065
* Professor Rene Arabella Bishop, Divination 2073-2075-Class of 2063
* Professor Reynard Bontecou, Potions Master 2066-2068-Class of 2054
* Healer Morpheus Brumel, Healer 2056-2057-Class of 2032
* Professor Kyle Carter, Muggle Studies 2063-2065-Class of 2050
* Maddison Callista Ddaa, Groundskeeper 2061-2065-Class of 2054
* Professor Gemma Cerulean, History of Magic 2074-2075 & 2075-present-Class of 2061
* Professor Lesley Fox, Arithmancy 2056-2058-Class of 2026
* Mario Ingles, Librarion 2065-2066-Class of 2044
* Professor Julian Kade, Charms 2070-2071-Class of 2052
* Professor David Kapoor, Divination 2065-2070-Class of 2019
* Professor Preston Kinglsey, Transfiguration 2071-2073-Class of 2045
* Leobald Kitridge, Librarian 2077-present-Class of 2065
* Professor Anjellica Lainey, History of Magic 2052-2055, 2056-2067, 2071-2072-Class of 2046
* Professor Gavin Langston, Charms 2065-2066-Class of 2047
* Professor Jullianna Light, Muggle Studies 2057-2063-Class of 2050
* Professor Davina Markovic, Ancient Runes 2072-2073-Class of 2063
* Constantine Masterson, Groundskeeper 2065-2073-Class of 2050
* Professor Maldee McFaarlaine, Astronomy 2070-2071-Class of 2062
* Professor Zephyr Opteryx, Ancient Runes 2057-2060-Class of 2043
* Professor Susan Presard, Astronomy 2056-2057-Class of 2048
* Professor Cassandra Rae-Branxton, DADA 2051-2055, 2056-2067-Class of 2046
* Professor Rhiane, Charms 2051-2052-Class Unknown
* Professor Laura Rierdan, Ancient Runes 2055-2057-Class of 2027
* Madame Rowena, Librarian 2049-2063-Class of 2043
* Professor Althea Schirmer, Charms 2075-2076-Class of 2060
* Professor Macadrian Shackleton, Arithmancy 2063-2071 & Ancient Runes 2071-2072-Class of 2046
* Dr. Norma Shaw, Ancient Runes 2065-2066-Class of 2013
* Professor Lars Svensson, Transfiguration 2068-2070 & History of Magic 2070-2071-Class of 2052
* Healer Brekken Taylor, Healer 2065-2066-Class of 2050
* Salem Thorn, Groundskeeper 2058-2061-Class of 2051
* Professor Maximus Vindictus, Flying 2060-2079, Quidditch Official 2060-2079 & Deputy Headmaster 2072-2079-Class of 2036
* Professor Cleo Virohsa, Herbology 2055-2061-Class of 2034
* Professor Matthias Wenlock, Arithmancy 2059-2061-Class of 2050
* Professor Linnea West, Astronomy 2065-2066-Class of 2060
* Professor Kate Zoa, Groundskeeper 2054-2056 & Charms 2055-2058-Class of 2044

List of Staff Members

SPOILER!!: Ravenclaw Prefects

* Term 4-Olive
* Term 8-Ashlie Moore
* Term 9-Ashlie Moore
* Term 10-Ashlie Moore
* Term 11-Linnea West
* Term 12-Linnea West
* Term 13-Ali Alemeda
* Term 14-Ali Alemeda
* Term 15-Tagren Sevens
* Term 16-Juno Novak
* Term 17-Juno Novak
* Term 18-Juno Novak
* Term 19-Rhiannon E. Todd and Cale Thornton
* Term 20-Elizabeth Andrews and Cale Thornton
* Term 21-Rachel Rider and Cale Thornton
* Term 22-Rachel Rider and Jack Jones
* Term 23-Rachel Rider and Jack Jones
* Term 24-Celandine Toussaint and Miles Vorkosigan
* Term 25-Celandine Toussaint and Miles Vorkosigan
* Term 26-Nia Newtington and Miles Vorkosigan
* Term 27-Ivory Erised and Finlay Carmichael
* Term 28-Ivory Erised and Finlay Carmichael
* Term 29-Ivory Erised and Theodore Dumble
* Term 30-Vashti Greenwell and Eino Uronen
* Term 31-Louisa Carter and Spike Hutchinson
* Term 32-Louisa Carter and Spike Hutchinson
* Term 33-Beatrice Castell and Spike Hutchinson
* Term 34-Beatrice Castell and Ethan McCarthy

SPOILER!!: Quidditch Captains

* Term 4-Ron Potter
* Term 5-Ron Potter
* Term 6-Ron Potter
* Term 7-Ron Potter
* Term 10-Ron Potter
* Term 11-Kayleen Harrison
* Term 12-Kayleen Harrison
* Term 13-Kayleen Harrison
* Term 14-Jordana Cruz
* Term 15-Chloe Agoobwah
* Term 16-Tagren Sevens
* Term 17-Tagren Sevens
* Term 18-Tagren Sevens
* Term 19-Ryan Lee
* Term 20-Ryan Lee
* Term 21-Willow Kovac
* Term 22-Willow Kovac
* Term 23-Willow Kovac
* Term 24-Adrienne Mercer
* Term 25-Nia Newtington
* Term 27-Jacob Blunt
* Term 28-Jacob Blunt
* Term 29-Eliana Stone
* Term 30-Eliana Stone
* Term 31-Eliana Stone
* Term 32-Milton Shacklebolt
* Term 33-Milton Shacklebolt
* Term 34-Elise Fairfield

**All Prefect and Quidditch Captain information was collected using the Trophy Room and Hogwarts, A History. If you see any mistakes, please PM LezleighD. Thanks!**

Updated 1.9.13


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Special Services to the School
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Everleigh Tris Annesley
Fifth Year
Default Professor Gemma Cerulean, Ravenclaw Head of House
*RabidRavenclaw*Nymphadora!*BritneySpearsFanatic* *Eclectic*ZetaTauAlphaPrincess*TexasAngel*

SPOILER!!: Quick Info

Name: Gemma Elizabeth Cerulean
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Date of Birth: October 4, 2042
Age: Turns 38 this term
Years attended Hogwarts: Hogwarts-2054-2061
Special positions held at school: Muggle Studies (Term 29-present), Ravenclaw Head of House (Term 33-present); Ravenclaw Mod (Term 30-Term 32), Hufflepuff Mod (Term 29), History of Magic (Term 28)
Current Hogwarts Staff Position: Muggle Studies (Term 29-present); Ravenclaw Head of House (Term 33-present)
Previous Occupations:
History of Magic Professor (Term 28); History Consultant for the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington D.C; Intern with the Smithsonian Museum; Ministry of Magic Department of Education Intern

~*Professor Gemma Cerulean*~

*Model: Jessica Biel*


~*The Basics*~
Full Name: Gemma Cerulean
Nicknames: Gem, Gemz
Age: Turns 38 this term
Date of Birth: October 4, 2042
Place of Birth: Corpus Christi, Texas
Blood Status: Half Blood
Patronus: Red Panda
Boggart: Clown
Wand: 11 and a quarter inches, Butterfly Silk Core, Petrified Oak Bark
Amortencia: Outdoors/Forest Smell, Old Books/Relics Smell, Musky Smell and Ginger...
Relationship Status: Single but looking
Current Position: Muggle Studies Professor & Ravenclaw Head of House
Former Occupation(s): History of Magic Professor (Term 28); History Consultant for the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington D.C; Intern with the Smithsonian Museum; Ministry of Magic Department of Education Intern

~*The Education*~
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft Years: 2054-2061
House: Ravenclaw
Special Positions held at School: Gobstones Captain
Strongest Subjects: History of Magic, Muggle Studies, Astrology
Weakest Subjects: CoMC, Potions, and Arithmancy

~*The Family*~
Father: Travis Cerulean-Wizard
Mother: Hannah Cerulean (Maiden Name-Macha)-Muggle
Brother: Wyatt Cerulean (Born 2038, Died 2055)
Sister: None

~*The Looks*~
Height: 5'5" (5'8" with heels)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: See Through Blue

~*The Personality*~
Gemma is very outgoing and doesn't have a shy bone in her body. She loves meeting new people and learning about different cultures and areas of the world. She loves to learn about anything. She is very talkative and would probably talk to a wall if no one else would talk to her.

When it comes to relationships, she tends to not let people get too close to her very fast. You must earn her respect and trust before she will call you a friend. She has been burned in the past by friends/boyfriends, so she doesn't trust very easily.

Gemma loves to have fun and tries to make her lessons as fun as possible. She realizes that many people think the History of Magic is very boring but in her eyes it is what writes our current pages and stories. She is passionate about the History of both Wizards and Magic.

~*The History*~

Gemma was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. She is a proud Texan and still visits her family in Texas often. She was born to Travis Cerulean, a wizard, and Hannah Macha-Cerulean, a muggle. She has one brother, Wyatt, who is four years older than her. She is very family oriented and treasures her families' love and support.

When she was eleven years old, she received her letter to attend Hogwarts. She had become very worried after her brother had teased her that she wouldn't be accepted in. Her first year at Hogwarts was pretty typical and boring. She was sorted in Ravenclaw, her brother's house, and quickly became a star in academics within her house. During her second year, she became involved with Gobstones, which became her ultimate love at Hogwarts. She continued to strive in her academics. Before her third year at Hogwarts, her brother was killed in a mysterious accident that to this day has never been solved. He went missing on the Hogwarts Express on the way back from Hogwarts and was never found. After many months, the family and wizarding community announced that he was to be considered dead. Gemma has never come to accept this and she made it her life's goal to locate her lost brother. This longing to solve this mystery also led her to her love, History.

She finished out her years at Hogwarts as Gobstone Captain for the Ravenclaw team. She graduated with 7 OWLS and 5 NEWTs. Shortly after graduation, she received the opportunity to intern with the Department of Education. She worked within the Ministry for two years but became restless and decided to travel back to America to be a little bit closer to her family. She accepted a position as an intern with the Smithsonian Museum in America. She stayed with the Smithsonian traveling around the world helping with archeologist digs for three years. She still didn't like being away from her family so she accepted a position in America as a History Consultant at the Jeffersonian Museum in Washington D.C. She loved this job since it didn't require her being across the world from her family. She stayed there until being offered a job with Hogwarts to teach History of Magic.

Gemma has a love for the History of the Magic World and the Muggle World. She loves a challenge and sees her new position at Hogwarts an opportunity to make learning about Muggles fun and interactive. She hopes to instill her love of the Muggle and Wizarding Worlds into the students at Hogwarts. Being at Hogwarts also brings her closer to her lost brother, whom during breaks from teaching she still searches for. This is the ultimate mystery to her.

~*The Likes*~

*Sparkly Stuff
*Cerulean is a shade of blue, so BLUE!
*Red Pandas
*Singing and Dancing
*Laughing and Smiling
*Collecting old perfume bottles
*Being Spontanous
*All flavors of Tea
*The Smell of Rain
*Warm Weather
*Being Outdoors
*A good Mystery
*Hiking/Exploring new things
*Hugs and Kisses
*Licorice Wands
*All Candy
*My feet in the sand on a beach

~*The Dislikes*~

*Mean People
*Snakes and Spiders
*Lazy People
*Overly Emotional People
*Crowds of People
*Judgmental People
*Cold Days
*The color Brown...gag!
*Fake People
*People that never smile =0[

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Hogwarts RPG Name:

Ministry RPG Name:
Phillip Flutterby
Games & Sports

Default Professor Calista Elwood, Ravenclaw House Moderator
Gaga Mafia Monster : MURPHY : Kelvin's SS!BFAM : Roro's Evil Twin : Ravlyndor : Gopher

Calista Rose Elwood

Name: Calista Rose Elwood
Nickname: Callie
DoB: January 21st 2047
Age: 32
Wand: 10 2/3” Ebony wood with Unicorn hair core
Patronus: Artic snow fox
Boggart: Dying alone
Occupation: Divination Professor

Education and Work History
*2058-65 Studied at Salem Magical Institute (USA)
*Worked at local, muggle bookstore during summers (2063-65)
*2065-74 Studied at Wizarding University (UK) ; (Fortune Telling and other street Divination)
*2074-76 Employed by British Ministry of Magic as Unspeakable for the Hall of Prophesies
*2076-77 Unemployed; (Fortune Telling and other street Divination)
*2077-present Professor of Divination at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
●{Salem Magical Insitute}
[Years 1-3 :: Average Exam Scores]
○Basic Magic Theory [4]
○Basic Defensive Magic/Theory [3+]
○Basic Potions Studies [4]
○Charms [5]
○Herbology [4+]
○Magic Creatures Studies [5]
○American Literature [3]
○Recreational studies [3+]
[Years 4-6 :: Average Exam Scores]
○Defensive Magic/Theory [4]
○Divination theory [4+]
○Advanced Potions [4]
○Charms [4]
○Arithmancy [3+]
○Transfiguration [4]
○Muggle Technology/History Studies [4+]
○Literature Studies[5]
○Advanced Divination [5]
●{Wizarding University of Edinburgh, Scotland}
○Journalism/Literature Studies [4]
○Rune Study [5-]
○Advanced Crystallomancy [5]
○Unorthodox Divination Methods [4+]
○Arithmancy [3]
○Astronomy [4]
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skin: Fair, yet easily tanned
Height: 5'6"

Calista has thick blonde hair that she usually wears pulled up in a ponytail but will wear down for special occasions. Her eyes change from blue to grey depending on the lighting and you can see a subtle kindness in them. A smile is usually on the woman’s face if times aren’t too hard, and a pair of reading glasses are usually on her person in case a good book catches her eye. She has a slight build and her skin tans easily from the Native American blood in her mother's side.
●History of Calista
Place of Birth: Albany, New York
Current Residence: Her living quaters in her office at Hogwarts
Blood Status: Halfblood
Heritage: German/Native American (Both Americanized by several generations of family in the US)
Language: English
Relationship Status: Single
SPOILER!!: History
Calista was the only child born to Jack and Marilyn Elwood in the new year of 1947 in their hometown of Albany in upstate New York. Her father was a wizard who had chosen to work in a Muggle law firm and her mother was a muggle who fell in love with her husband after a small claims dispute with a former roommate of her’s, he was her lawyer during the case.

Young Callie grew up smothered in her parents’ love and always seemed to get what she wanted. From a young age she was spoiled and when her magical abilities and schooling became a big part of her new and exciting life that special treatment didn’t fade. She attended Salem Magical Institute in Massachusetts where she soon began to excel in the wizarding classes and spell she had so yearned to be taught by her father.

Her schooling was typical of a young witch surrounded by hundreds of her peers; her first love happened during her 5th term and ended in the fall of her sixth. She made great friends and vacationed with them throughout Europe one summer. She began to find her interests in the odd and less travelled parts of magic like Runes, Astronomy and her new favorite, Divination. But just as things were starting to blossom perfectly tragedy struck in the summer of 2061, before her seventh year—her parents had been killed suddenly in a deadly car crash. Calista spent the majority of her summer and the beginning of her last school term depressed and worried what would happen to her now that she was all alone.

Education was her only way out.

Pulling herself together, Callie worked as hard as she could in her classes at Salem and then after graduation used the money that her parents had left her for her tuition to Wizarding University in Edinburgh, Scotland. She had opted out of the one in the US because she wanted to leave the country and bad memories for a new start abroad. When she arrived she threw herself into her studies and continued to pursue her path in Divination studies. Although she had payed for her schooling, her money had been all spent up on that very thing. Young Callie began to use her Divination skills upon paying customers in the streets of Edinburgh. One of her favorite customers happened to be a young photographer, a mister Indigo Bunbury. After their fling and upon graduation she applied to the Department of Mysteries at the British Ministry of Magic and gladly took up the role of Unspeakable in the Hall of Prophesies.

While at the Ministry, things started off good. Calista was actually creating prophesies as well as helping to store them. Her bosses really valued her but soon those occasions became far and in between. Once Calista stopped having the ability to produce prophesies she became disgruntled and wanted to explore other paths of Divination. She wasn’t doing what she loved anymore just patrolling the Hall and checking up on the persons involved with other peoples’ prophesies.

Leaving the Ministry in 2076 had seemed like a good idea when she thought of it, she would just go out and build her own future like her father had, but it turned out that the Divination business wasn’t really a booming one. Calista soon resorted to having to buy a cart and sell tarot card and crystal ball readings to Muggles and the occasional witch or wizard just to get by. She would swindle and lie to them if things didn’t come to her in order to make sessions last longer resulting in higher pay.

After spending the next year of her life travelling throughout London and other outlying towns, Calista has been offered an exciting new stable career—teaching Divination at a magical school, Hogwarts. Her cart is packed, her books and crystal balls are ready, the parrot she received as a companion was in his cage, and she’s hiked up her many skirts in order to head to her new home.
●Career at Hogwarts
Calista adjusted to a more stable life at the school well enough quickly becoming friends with the Care of Magical Creatures Professor William Williamson and Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor Medea Romanos. Although she was friendly with her other collegues these two shared regular nightly visits in each other's offices and the occasional trip to the Hogs Head. Callie's first term teaching was considered a success even though some crazy things happened in a few of her lessons but that was to be understood at Hogwarts. At the end of the term she was sad to see that William was leaving. She became slightly closer with History of Magic Professor Everett Scabior but that relationship seems to not be anywhere close to blossoming to the relationship that Callie wants.

Her second term of teaching at Hogwarts was good aswell considering she was not one of the two professors eaten during their lessons. She was able to teach her students three very unorthodox forms of Divination and give the subject the attention it deserves. She helped prank the Charms Professor, her only real nemisis on staff and she had a good term.

●Family and Pets
Mother: Marilyn Rose Elwood
Father: Jack Francis Elwood
Siblings: N/A
Pets: Galileo – Tropical Parrot
*Friendly people
*Comfy clothes
*Her tarot cards
*Cheap people
*Fake jewelry
*Not having a place to live
*The color orange

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Mackled Malaclaw
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Harri Ainsworth
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Owen Montezor
International Cooperation

Ministry RPG Name:
Beatrice Castell
Environmental Protection
❄Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re❄| ⚕=equivalent exchange=⚕ | pinned ya!

Beatrice "Beezus" Castell
Model: Selena Marie Gomez

❑ Origins of an Ice Cream Princess
Name: Beatrice Evangeline Castell
DoB: February 7, 2064
Blood Status: Half-blood
PoB and Residence: Rusholme, South Manchester, England
House: Ravenclaw
❒ The Mirror on the Wall
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 44 kg
Hair Colour:Light Brown
Eye Colour:Dark Brown
Skin Colour:Fair
❑ Think You Know Me?
Wand: 11.8 inch Birch wood wand with the core of a Unicorn hair; twirly
Amortentia: Vanilla Ice Cream
Boggart: Her sister's dead body
Patronus: puff of smoke (no solid form yet but expecting to have when she’s fourth year or fifth year)
❑ The Tales of an Ice Cream Princess
On the midnight of February 7, 2064,

Beatrix Castell nèe Colter gave birth to her very first daughter with her husband Christopher Castell. The baby girl was named after Beatrix' and Christopher's mothers. "Beatrice" was from her paternal grandmother and "Evangeline" from her maternal grandmother. Hence, the name Beatrice Evangeline. And because she was the very first grandchild in the family, she was given much attention by her family from both sides. She did not know about her being a witch until she turned 6 years old wherein she already had a 3 year old sister, who was the one that gave her the nickname Beezus she couldn't pronounce the name Beatrice very well. Her mother was the one who explained her magical abilities slowly to her, her father was merely listening as he was only a muggle. At first, she did not believed it. However, when her mother pointed out her unusual abilities --like one time, she wanted a vanilla ice cream so much that she waited in line for almost an hour. With the treat in hand, she walked back to where her parents was but another kid bumped into her, causing the ice cream to fall to the ground. She became angry at the kid for not being careful and the next thing she knew the kid had tripped and fallen on the ground-- she later figured out that it was indeed true.

Beatrice and her sister were raised with both muggle and wizarding perspective. At first it was not easy for her because she knew that she was different but as she grew older, she came to realize that being torn between a muggle and a witch wasn't too bad at all. In fact, it made life more easier, comfortable and happier for her. Her parents were the simplest example of that happiness for there were various instances when her mother would use spells to cook for them while she attends to her husband when he arrives from work or there are times when she uses a spell to tie Beezus' shoelaces while she was feeds Bambi.

However, good things just never last.

A year after, a tragedy occured which changed everything and made Beezus' life miserable. Her father died in a fire on the hospital he's was working at as a doctor. Her mother suffered severe trauma and because of that, she was placed temporarily in St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Beezus and Bambi on the other hand without anyone to take care of them was left under the supervision of their Aunt Belinda.

A few months later, her mother was released and they tended to continue living as they used to even without her father. For a while, they had once again become a family. Her mother, Beatrix worked very hard and gave them a wealthy, carefree life. However, it wasn't the end of miseries for Beezus, for one day when she was already 9 years old. Another tragical event took place.
Bambi was accidentally hit by a car in a muggle sidewalk as she and Beezus were playing tag. Her mother went hysterical and for a second, many thought that Beezus would also have trauma. But unluckily she didn't. Instead it was her mother who became traumatic once more and she blamed Beezus for Bambi's death. She was admitted once again to St. Mungo's and Beezus returned to the care of her Aunt. Her mother never talked to her again, and thereon it was her Aunt Belinda who raised her until she was ready to set foot on Hogwarts.
❑ The Personality
Being Beezus meant being a mixture of almost anything. If truth be told, the girl almost had mood swings. Traumatized by what happened to her family, she became more sensitive as years passed by though she always knows to put them in the rightful place. However, if provoked, she would really hit you with the most awful words that she could muster. She too, is also notable for having the spunk and guts with boys, especially the Snakes who always seem to trespass the boiling point of her Patience Meter.
Apart from that, Beezus is friendly. Well, when she wants to be. She is also full of life and accommodating especially to her friends. But there are times that she uses fake smiles to hide away her tears. In short, Beatrice is cheerful yet emotional.

❑ Good Things in Life

■ Ice Cream.
□ Plants.
■ Books.
□ Quidditch.
■ Animals.
□ Lipgloss.
■ Purple.
□ Music.
■ Paris.
❒ Meh. I dislike:

■ Being helpless.
■ Orange.
□ Cockroaches.
© This profile layout is designed by Hera.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Phoenix Marchbanks
Fourth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Wiley Whittebrook
Second Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Kendra Jordan-Durand
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Gunnar McCarthy-Toussaint
Ecological Protection

x12 x5
Default Ethan McCarthy, Ravenclaw Prefect
Unforgivably Cursed | adultescent

Model: Aaron Stanford

{basic information}
Full name: Ethan Malachi McCarthy
Date of Birth: 5 February 2063
Place of Birth: Heidelberg, Germany
Blood Status: Pureblood
Relationship Status: Dating Minerva Wheatborn

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5' 11"

Father: Finn McCarthy
Mother: Meloria McCarthy (née Morgan)
Siblings: none
Pet: Siamese cat, Elise

{magical characteristics}
Wand: Ash, phoenix feather core, 11 3/4 inches
Patronus: Badger
Boggart: you don't really think he's going to tell you that, do you? *eyes*
Amortentia: coffee, peanut butter cups, damp earthy scent

Ethan is a generally friendly and laid-back person, though he's not exceptionally outgoing and often prefers the company of a few rather than a large crowd. There are very few people he genuinely does not like, but those he doesn't give him good reason not to. Not usually quick to anger, he is one who can typically shrug off things that might be considered bothersome, but he also tends to steer clear of drama, something he has little tolerance for. Other things that annoy him and might get a reaction from him include being patronized, feeling like someone is trying to threaten him, and being lied to. He is also exasperated easily with stupidity and a lack of humor.

Ethan was a bit surprised to be sorted into Ravenclaw as he doesn't care much for books and spellwork doesn't come as easily to him as he would like. He loses interest quickly in things that don't make sense to him. But things he does have interest in, he does exceptionally well. He is an avid nature lover, enjoying animals and especially plant life, carrying over to his interest in experimental herbology. Some of his necessities include espressos and chocolate frogs, and more recently peanut butter cups. He is fluent in English, German, and French, making his accent a bit difficult to distinguish.

Ethan was born a month premature in Heidelberg, Germany, the first and only child to Finn and Meloria McCarthy, an upper-middle class pureblood family. His father, Finn, is a Beauxbatons graduate from the Isle of Wight and his mother, Meloria is a Hogwarts graduate from Essex, England. After they were married, the couple moved to Heidelberg once Finn obtained a job with the German Ministry of Magic.

Ethan's early childhood was filled with extended family visiting, exploring the nature of his country, and pre-formal lessons. At the insistence of his parents, he began classical piano lessons at age four, etiquette classes at age six, and formal dancing lessons at age eight. He was also homeschooled by his governess from age 6 to 10. The only one of these he truly enjoyed was the piano with which he is still quite skilled, though the etiquette lessons still stick with him in the back of his mind, making him fairly well-mannered.

Once he turned 11, it was time to begin his formal magical education. As was tradition on the McCarthy side of the family, it was determined that he attend Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, where he spent four years.

{formal education}
  • Beauxbatons Academy of Magic - Years 1-4
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Years 5-7

Text Cut: Years 1-4
Ethan's first few years of his educational career began routinely enough at Beauxbatons. There he discovered a passion for Herbology, especially experimenting with hybrid breeding, and found he had inherited his mother's gift with potions. He secured a position as chaser on his Quidditch team, though a serious accident midway through the season seemed to end his Quidditch career early. He fell in with a fun-loving crowd, while great friends and entertaining, ended up being a source of trouble in his fourth year in a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time - and his parents made the decision to transfer him to Hogwarts.

Text Cut: Year 5
At his new school, Hogwarts, Ethan did his best to adjust to making new friends and fitting in to the house of Ravenclaw - which he was sure the sorting hat had made a mistake. He spent much of the year studying for OWLs, going to Quidditch games, and began dating his current girlfriend, Minerva Wheatborn. Initially conflicted with his feelings torn between two girls, he realized how much he liked Minerva after she very publicly revealed her feelings for him and they soon began dating, making it official that Valentine's Day. He ended the year passing 12 OWLs, a befitting reward for his hard work. Unfortunately, he also lost much of his personal botanical research in a greenhouse explosion near the end of this year as well.

Text Cut: Year 6
With the help of his friends and girlfriend, Ethan began to feel more like Hogwarts was his school and he was definitely feeling more house pride, becoming more accepting of the sorting hat's choice. He had spent much of the previous summer training with his aunt, a former professional Quidditch player, and soon found a place on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team as a chaser. He also restarted the research that had been destroyed last year, successfully creating singing lilies from cross-breeding. The second half of the year found a bit of drama for Ethan that he struggled to get through, and he was thankful to get past and see the term come to an end, making way for a fun and relaxing summer.

Text Cut: Year 7
started like a knight in a fairytale_______________________________________________
ended like a moth in flames______________________

______________________don't you worry I'll be fine
_________________________________________________you were good for the plot line

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Zara Gwendolyn Monroe
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Jade Aimee Monroe

Atypical Ravenclaw Bookworm // Hair Flipper Pro / / the edgy starbuckian // Hot Messie

Lana Kalen Hyde

Modelled by Emily Browning

Full Name: Lana Kalen Hyde
Nickname(s): Lany, La Hyde
Date of Birth: 7 Dec 2064
Age: 15 (As of 9/2080)
Place of Birth: Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Place of Residence: Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
Year in School: 5th Year
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 10 ¾ inches, maple, unicorn hair
Patronus: yet to be determined
Blood Status: Half-blood
Pets: Hermes, Tawny owl

Eye Color: Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5’ (152 cm)

More About My Character:
Family Background
Parents: Ian Lachlan Hyde & Berenice Lynn Hyde (nee Atkinson)
Siblings: Laura Hope Hyde (Twin, 7 Dec 64)

Friends – Ravenclaw Quidditch teammates from her first year and fourth yearLana doesn’t talk to people much. More to come…

Lana is a bit of a tomboy on first impression. She is usually seen as a quiet person until someone knows here. She tends to warm up to people very easily, but if you get on her bad side; there is no going back with her. She is a bit adventurous as well. If she doesn’t understand something completely, she will ask a lot of questions. If there is something out there to be found or understood, she will try to find and understand it. She’s also the motherly twin as well. When there is anything wrong, Laura usually comes to her. Even though Laura and herself are not identical twins, they still seem to have a very strong connection.
The Hyde twins, Lana Kalen and Laura Hope, were born on a chilly December afternoon in 2064 to Ian and Berenice Hyde. Lana was the first to be brought into the world, taking her first breath ten minutes before her twin. Born and raised in Luton, the family soon moved to Bedford just after the twins turned four year old; per the request of their mother. Berenice was very fearful of exposing the twins to magic and kept the magical world a secret from their children. Rather fearful of what kind of trouble the twins might get into, magic was rarely done in the presence of the twins and most things magical were kept away from them. Not wanting to completely close the girls away from what they might be, Ian did on occasion tell the girls things in the form of stories.

Living a simple life, the girls soon started to show their magical potential just before their tenth birthday. Lana had always felt that something was missing from their life and their first magical outburst had terrified her, but at the same time felt right to here. Upon witnessing firsthand their children’s’ outburst, Ian and Berenice started to slowing incorporate magic into their lives again. There was no point in hiding since it was only a matter of time before they would be receiving their letters to Hogwarts.

Feeling a bit put off by being lied to for most of her life, Lana made things a bit difficult on her mother at times. When Laura was more of a mother’s girl, Lana was her father’s daughter through and through. With the knowledge that she was about to enter a whole new world, she began to spend more and more time with her father and continued to pester him about everything possible about what was about to happen in the future and all the new things she would soon discover.
Text colour: Boysenberry #873260
Zara Bale

Cora SylvieSebLana

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Adrienne Rebecca Colbert
Seventh Year
The Last of Her Kind

Isobel Laning

Who am I?
Name: Isobel Remi Laning
Age: 11 years,
Birthday: 14 January, 2069
Blood Status: Her parents are witch and wizard, but her father’s muggle-born and her mother’s half-blood.
Patronus: Bluebird
Amortentia: Old books, lavender perfume, petrichor
Boggart: Werewolf
Year: First
Wand: Chestnut and Unicorn Hair, 11 ½ inches, brittle
Pet: A Siamese cat named Nudge; she’s mostly white with black ears, nose, and paws. She enjoys eating people’s food and chasing butterflies.

What do I look like?
Height: 4’ 8”
Weight: 101 lbs
Hair: Light brown and wavy, not particularly long but always a hassle to comb out.
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Very pale, doesn’t tan even in the sun, but doesn’t burn easily either

Likes & Dislikes
Likes winter, cats, books, investigations, knitting, candy, Halloween, string, cello music, dystopian fiction, the colour blue, the smell of burning pine wood
Dislikes singing, spiders, rain, sticky things, soda, dogs, ketchup, astrology, swimming, parchment cuts, unfriendly people, rule-breakers

Where am I from?
Home: In a big, old house in Tinworth (a half-wizarding community in Cornwall, England.) She’s lived there all her life, and never spent more than a week away from it. Her bedroom is in the attic, and the window right in the centre top of the front of the house is hers to look down on the street below.
Family: She’s always been close to her parents, but they aren’t often able to spend time together.
Her father, Rory Laning, is a Healer at St. Mungo’s, and he’s always being called back for emergencies in the middle of the night. When he’s home, however, he helps Isobel with anything he can, and when she was younger they spent a lot of time racing one another on really old broomsticks they found for just a couple of galleons.
Her mother, Ava Rogers, has been trying to write a book since she was in her twenties, but with her time being split between homeschooling Isobel and taking care of her three-year-old daughter, she’s still stuck on page one.
Then there’s Isobel’s half-sister, Katie, who’s still a toddler. Katie is the daughter of her mother and her stepfather, who she does her best to distance herself from.

RP Colour:
dark blue

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Niamh Anfield-Hope
Fourth Year
Default Niamh Anfield-Hope

Character Name: Niamh Anfield-Hope

Character Age: 14

Year in School: Fourth

Wand: Ebony and unicorn hair

Pet: Calico cat called Ivy

Physical Description: Petite/small, short, slim but not really skinny; long, blonde, quite wavy, more yellowy blonde hair; hazel eyes

Strengths/Skills: Transfiguration, maths/logic problems, flying, Arithmancy, French language, sense of mischief and fun

Weaknesses/Faults: Herbology, Potions, mean streak, animals except specific ones

Likes: Numbers, flying, number problems to solve, formulae, laughter, pedigree cats, tropical songbirds,

Dislikes: Mud, Herbology, animals, school, schoolwork, old broomsticks, licorice

Boggart: Spider

Personality: Niamh has a sharp mind, can come across as stuck-up (but because of money not blood), and does have a mean streak. She doesn't like animals except for pedigree cats and tropical songbirds. She has a great sense of fun and msichief but this is buried under the social airs and graces her parents demanded of her.
In her first year at Beauxbatons she was given the nickname Nervy Niamh because of her fear of authority figures. Niamh detests and fears getting into trouble.

Sibling/s: Younger sister seven years younger, named Nieth (NEE-ETH not NEETH)

Model: Annasophia Robb
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Giselle Barrington
Fifth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sable Ileana Armstrong
Seventh Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Skye Tamerlane
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Jemma McCrae
Minister's Office
x5 x3
Shoe!Girl │ Rebel Ravie │ Confundus Queen │ RP Addict

Kendall Lily Quinn

Name: Kendall Lily Quinn
Nicknames: Kendall, Butterfly (Jeremiah’s nickname for her), Kendz (Beezus’ name for her)
Age: 16
Birthdate: June 28, 2064
Place of Birth: Galway, Ireland
Current Home: Galway, Ireland
Blood/Lineage: Halfblood (father is pureblood, mother is halfblood)
Wand: Aspen, phoenix feather/demiguise hair, 8 inches, springy
Favorite subjects: Transfiguration, CoMC and Charms
Worst Subjects: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy
Patronus: unknown as of yet

Play-by: Lily Collins
Post Color: #EE1289

Height: 5’4”
Weight: approx. 105 pounds
Hair Color: brownish-auburn (usually with several pink streaks)
Eye Color: hazel
Note: Kendall’s hair color, especially, can frequently end up changing due to her metamorphmagus ability, which she is still learning to control

Family and Friends:
Emerson Quinn, 40
Josephine (Abbott) Quinn, 37
Jeremiah Logan Quinn, 20
Isabel (Johnson) Quinn, 18
Riley Benjamin Quinn (5 months old, born in April 2079)
A white Chihuahua named Pooka
an orange tabby kitten named Accio
Patrick Riverton
Beezus Castell
Penelope Greenwell
Darwin Damon Riley
Brooke Radley
Logan MacKenzie
Mason Mackenzie
Harlan Isaacs
Cassia Somerlad
Katrina Hudson
Alice Fischer
Mika Johanson
Vivi Branxton
Mo Branxton

The easiest way to explain Kendall Lily is an outspoken oddball. She’s talkative, outgoing, wants attention, and oddly enough doesn’t like studying (even though she was sorted into Ravenclaw, due to the fact she’s actually rather intelligent and creative). She believes zombies exist, as well as anything existing in the folklore of Ireland, so she has a fanciful side as well. She knows what she wants (except for when it comes to understanding boys), and will do almost anything to get it, but she actually does occasionally have more of a quiet side. This usually comes when she’s focused on a sketch, as she also understands that not scaring whatever she’s drawing is important. (She tends to be realistic in her sketches, more likely to draw people or animals although she’s also drawn inanimate objects/places.)
Doc Martens
talking to people
reading faerie tales
the Muggle movie Zombieland
Ancient Runes
spiders (especially acromantulas)
being quiet and ladylike

It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me, at tea time, everybody agrees

...It must be exhausting, always rooting for the anti-hero

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Alexander Montgomery
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Mark Aiden Aubrey
Department of Mysteries




Name: Gwendolyn H. Greene

Nicknames: lots. From something simple as Gwen, to Lynn, Gwen-Gwen (called so just by Joanna), Tangerine (Selena) and Ice Princess

Date of birth: 7th of November

Star sign: Scorpio

Heritage: Pureblood

Lives in: Ashington, England, with her parents

Siblings: none

Pets: a black cat, named Jinx

House: Ravenclaw

Year: seventh

Wand: 11.43 inch, Beech wood, Aethonon Hair, Swishy

Patronus: a cat

Boggart: Failure

Strongest subject: Potions

Weakest subject: Muggle Studies


At a first glimpse, Gwendolyn can seem rude, mean and self-centered, always managing to make a bad first impression, but she can be really friendly too. Gwen dislikes having to talk about herself, and prefers to be the one who listens to what others say. Even though she tries not to, she always loves to point out that she is right. Gwendolyn loves to consider herself a true Ravenclaw, being an intelligent and creative girl, but she is also ambitious and cunning, which made her believe she wouldn’t be sorted into this house at Hogwarts.


Likes: the wizarding world, spending time with her friends, traveling, drawing, brewing potions, photography, the colour blue, Ravenclaw

Dislikes: failure, excessively talkative people, living without magic, her middle name



Ariadne Marchbanks

Gwen’s best friend. The two of them met during the summer holiday, and Ari was the first magical friend Gwen made. Even though they have been sorted into different houses, they spent a lot of time together. The best memories Gwen has with the Gryffindor are: the time they used a wooden board to slide over the moving staircase (second year), the time they made a part of Gwen’s hair blue (an accident, of course) and many others.

Jory Stonewall

They met on Diagon Alley, before their first year at Hogwarts. Even though she had been kind of rude to the Hufflepuff at first, they eventually started getting along, and now Jory is one of her closest friends.

Nora Reed

The partner in crime.

Cassia Somerlad

Despite the age difference, the two of them got along well from the beginning.

Ezekiel “Zeke” de Ferreis

Like her best friend had told her, Gwen either loved or hated the Gryffindors. When they first met Zeke was, in Gwen’s opinion, the most annoying person ever. Though things changed over the years and she fell in the other extreme.

Joanna Olsen

The ‘awesome’ friend. Even though Gwen usually mocked her friend for her American accent and the ‘oh my god’ phrase she used so often, the Ravenclaw had always been one of the people Gwen had looked up to.

Amara Kaul

Amara was one of the firsties Gwen had met at the beginning of her seventh year. It was impossible not to notice the similarities between them (rudeness, acting like a Slytherin, both liked Potions etc.) and Amara is therefore the ‘Mini Gwen’.

Vincenzo Vanderbilt and Kurumi Hollingberry

The two had been the people Gwen had looked up to. Enough said.
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