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Lana Kalen Hyde

Modelled by Emily Browning

Full Name: Lana Kalen Hyde
Nickname(s): Lany, La Hyde
Date of Birth: 7 Dec 2064
Age: 15 (As of 9/2080)
Place of Birth: Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Place of Residence: Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
Year in School: 5th Year
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 10 ¾ inches, maple, unicorn hair
Patronus: yet to be determined
Blood Status: Half-blood
Pets: Hermes, Tawny owl

Eye Color: Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5’ (152 cm)

More About My Character:
Family Background
Parents: Ian Lachlan Hyde & Berenice Lynn Hyde (nee Atkinson)
Siblings: Laura Hope Hyde (Twin, 7 Dec 64)

Friends – Ravenclaw Quidditch teammates from her first year and fourth yearLana doesn’t talk to people much. More to come…

Lana is a bit of a tomboy on first impression. She is usually seen as a quiet person until someone knows here. She tends to warm up to people very easily, but if you get on her bad side; there is no going back with her. She is a bit adventurous as well. If she doesn’t understand something completely, she will ask a lot of questions. If there is something out there to be found or understood, she will try to find and understand it. She’s also the motherly twin as well. When there is anything wrong, Laura usually comes to her. Even though Laura and herself are not identical twins, they still seem to have a very strong connection.
The Hyde twins, Lana Kalen and Laura Hope, were born on a chilly December afternoon in 2064 to Ian and Berenice Hyde. Lana was the first to be brought into the world, taking her first breath ten minutes before her twin. Born and raised in Luton, the family soon moved to Bedford just after the twins turned four year old; per the request of their mother. Berenice was very fearful of exposing the twins to magic and kept the magical world a secret from their children. Rather fearful of what kind of trouble the twins might get into, magic was rarely done in the presence of the twins and most things magical were kept away from them. Not wanting to completely close the girls away from what they might be, Ian did on occasion tell the girls things in the form of stories.

Living a simple life, the girls soon started to show their magical potential just before their tenth birthday. Lana had always felt that something was missing from their life and their first magical outburst had terrified her, but at the same time felt right to here. Upon witnessing firsthand their children’s’ outburst, Ian and Berenice started to slowing incorporate magic into their lives again. There was no point in hiding since it was only a matter of time before they would be receiving their letters to Hogwarts.

Feeling a bit put off by being lied to for most of her life, Lana made things a bit difficult on her mother at times. When Laura was more of a mother’s girl, Lana was her father’s daughter through and through. With the knowledge that she was about to enter a whole new world, she began to spend more and more time with her father and continued to pester him about everything possible about what was about to happen in the future and all the new things she would soon discover.
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