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Lex couldn't believe what she had done. Never did she expect that after crossing the wall she would cross back without even stepping on the train!! This just wasn't right! She looked to the wall once more before sighing as she realized that she was once again around muggles. This was definitely going to make her job harder. Muggles and wizards didn't have much to help with differentiation but she had to get the flyers out.

She walked around for a bit, looking for someone to give a flyer. She didn't want to waste in on some muggle kid who wouldn't know what to do with it anyway.

Just ahead she could see the girl that had given her this little punishment and she thought about turning and running in the opposite direction but stopped herself at the last minute. There was no need to run, she was doing what she was told so it should have been fine.

Her eyes caught a girl just a small distance away. "Hey!" She called at her. "Hey, have a flyer." She said, waving the stack towards her for her to take one.

SPOILER!!: Flyer
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