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Okay, so, the trip down to King's Cross was safe. Her mom finally let her go and shut up about life and its disappointment. BLEH. She didn't even know why Louisa was wearing a hoodie in summer and refusing to remove it from her head. In fact, she had it tightly closed around her face just to show her mom that she was independent now and could do whatever she wanted. Even if she looked like a skinny boy...

The hard part about being on this side of the wall, where muggles were everywhere, was that she couldn't hold her wand. Lately that was very essential to her; keeping her hand on what gave her power. She also kept her hair tucked inside her clothes... because there was always the feeling of someone tugging at it and it gave her creeps.

ANYWAYS now she had to drag her trunk and hold her cat basket to that wall. Right after she got some water. Louisa left her luggage nearby, tucked her hands into her hoodie's pockets to keep a hold of her wand that lied inside, and made her slow way forward, keeping an eye on EVERYONE within her eye sight.
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