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Originally Posted by RandomRaven View Post
Summer had almost over and it did mean that the new term and drama of Hogwarts would come soon.

The blonde guy didn't feel that there was something fun happened at summer. Just had a friendly visit to his hometown, Vancouver. What he had done there just visit his father's grave and his mother, who now was seriously sick. At first this summer he could spend with his girlfriend, Zhenya Burton. But she seemed like dissapear and none of her family wanted to tell him. Even Dima, her big brother didn't tell him about what's happening to her. Sigh, why none of them let him know about her? She left him suddenly without saying goodbye. Now the new had almost started, Gerald Rush hoped that he could see her around here again. He was.. worried? Yeah.. But somehow he also felt a bit mad.


He just took a very deep breath and exhaled. Gary knew that thinking about love sometimes made him feel so pathetic. Yeah, love sometimes could drive people so silly and stupid. You don't need to worry much about her, Gerald. She will be okay. He said to himself.

Now he was already at the station, waiting for the train to Hogwarts. It was so crowded here! Gary didn't like waiting and he easily got bored. He just took a seat and took off his glasses. What should he do to vanish his boredom? Maybe he could talk to someone around there? But he didn't find someone who he knew before, and he was lazy to start a conversation with.. stranger. So, he just sat and start biting his apple.

Elliot had her lacy bag slung over her shoulder, and her black trunk dragging behind her. She stopped...glanced around, and saw her aunt...still talking to that friend of hers. Thank Merlin..really. She couldn't deal with her anymore. She honestly couldn't WAIT to get on the train...

So she began to quicken her pace, hoping to put as much distance between her and her Aunt Delilah. She looked behind her, not paying attention to where she was going(which, in Elliot's defense, she hardly EVER did), and suddenly she felt her foot run into the edge of something hard....

She went tumbling down, and landed on her knees. She grumbled a bit, and she glanced around at what IDIOT'S trunk had tripped her.

It was some boy. Familar faced boy. She had definitely seen him at Hogwarts before. SHe glared at him and said, a little snappy, "Well, are you going to help me up?"

Elliot just wasn't in the mood. Plus, she had lost Ezra...Where had that boy gone off to?!
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