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Text Cut: Harlan. :3
Originally Posted by MissMUDBL00D View Post
Harlan took control of her trolley and managed an awkward smile at her granddad and mother. Sure, this was going to be just great. Or not.
She did not want to go.. Harlan just wanted her nan to be better. Nan was the bestest teacher ever, she didn't need to go to Hogwarts. Nan would get better. She had to.
Nodding to herself, Harlan waved goodbye to her mother and pushed her heavy trolley forwards. Off to Hogwarts it was...

Harlan sighed. Besides the whole part of nan being sick she'd also never been away from her family. Ever. And now she'd be like... at the other side of the world and it was horrible. She'd even miss her brothers a bit.. But they wouldn't ever get to hear that, cause they would be meanies about it for forever.
Just then her owl, which she still hadn't named, let out an annoying screech. She groaned. If she had a nice owl at least she'd have that. But this was a mean-biting owl.

But at least she knew Mason and Logan now... And Louisa! Harlan managed a small smile at her annoying owl and came to a sudden stop when she realised that she was super close to crashing in to a girl.
Harlan chuckled to herself before setting .. owl's cage straight up and then looked up at the girl.
'... Hi.' Harlan smiled at the girl and moved her trolley, not wanting to squish the girl. 'Sorry about the... almost crash.'
Watching the people walk by was a little facinating and it kept Nessie's pretty preoccupied. She was looking at all the clothing people were wearing which was a huge giveaway as to which where magical or not. She had seen quiet a few people wearing odd things and you could immediately tell they were not very accustomed to being around muggles and their ways.

With a pout the Hufflepuff looked back at her watch again. There was still some time. She looked up only to be a little surprised with what was right before her now. There was a girl with her trolley, that hadn't been there earlier and seemed to have somehow magically appeared. It was a little frightening because of the surprise and the owl too, but Ness calmed down almost immediately.

Puffles was highly aware of this, and seemed to be even before Ness. He was bouncing up and down, with excitement in he's eyes. He always did that when there was something new to see, or in this case it could have been seeing the owl all locked up. He liked teasing them when they were stuck in their cages, it somehow amused him.

said Ness as she returned the girl a small smile. "Almost crash? ..Um..I didn't even notice, it's alright." More smiling. "You on your way to Platform Nine and Three Quarters?"This girl looked magically especially because of her owl, and hopefully she wasn't taking a risk by mentioning the platform.
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