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Amadeus Alfred Kipling
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Hmmm...thats a hard one for someone who forgets what they are doing on a regular basis...
I can attest to that.

I am currently in an AP Literature class

Well I used to read those little chapter books that were niftily titled like Lions at Suppertime and Knights at Midnight, and they had two kids a brother and sister who traveled through magical books and such.
THE MAGIC TREEHOUSE! :tackle: I still have those books! -digs 'em out-

*'s all the awesome people who have made SS my second home!!*

Oscar Wilde
Reading The Importance of Being Earnest like a BAWS right now, dontcha know.

So what about music. What kind inspires you?

Oooh *goes through Ipod* Well I like pop, indie, bluesy-type stuff, alternative rock and such. Some people and groups I have right here at random would be like...Muse, Adelle, MGMT, Artic Monkeys, Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglecias, and Florence + the Machine. (Thanks to a few friends here on SS actually, they know who they are when they read this...HEY ABUELA, bebe, and pokah!! ) Sorry about that, I couldn't control myself. *takes drink of water*

:tackle: -beats you to a pulp- I knew this was coming but it was still a surprise! xD

Fank youu, big brotha' Pauly Chrissy D... or should I say Jude? -shifty- OR... MONSTER?!

Ahhh a Slytherin lover! I KNEW IT!
Come to the dark side. We have more fun than Gryffindorks. Or at least become a halfsie, seeing as I'm a Slytherclaw and all?

*wipes tear and fist pumps with the Oscar trophy*
-lightbulb clicks on above my cabeza-

That's it!

I'm hiring you as screenwriter for my feature film, bub. Pokah can do the score/soundtrack with his orchestra and Dee can do art direction.

And you FIST PUMPED! You have made me proud, fizzle foo'. PROUD. :') -wipes a tear-


I loved it! ♥ Great job, both of you!

Just make sure when we all become famous after our big break, Chris, that you don't become even more of a diva than you already are.
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