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Chapter 22: First Day of School

When I woke up this morning I first thought I was back home in Grimald Place. I thought that I could go down the stairs and Kreatcher would be waiting for me with pancakes.
I was very wrong.
All the people that lay in beds around me were strangers. There was a very tiny Hispanic girl who was still sleeping on my left. The one on my right had the curliest red hair and the palest complexion just like the one across from me, but they didn’t look related.
A loud buzzing sound came from a desk in-between the two redhead girls. “Hey,” I called. “Wake up!”
“AAAHHHHH!!!” the girl on my left screamed. She then fell right out of her four-poster bed. “owwww,” she then looked around at the rest of us who were staring at her. “It happens a lot. My name is Marianna,”
“I’m Jess,”
“I’m Ceria and you can tell me apart from Miss Snooty,” she gestured over to the girl on my right. “By my scars,” Ceria stood up from her bed and you could see the long stripes that covered her body.
I knew (despite my lack of time to learn manners) that it was extremely rude to stare at her like this so I stopped, but Marianna kept on staring even though Ceria was starting to look self-conscious. So I kicked the covers off as loudly as I could and nearly jumped to the ground, which seemed to snap Marianna out of her trance.
“Yeah she has scars whoop-de-do,” Miss Snooty of course added jazz hands.
“And what exactly is your first name. Annoying?” Marianna asked.
“What?!?!” the three of us yelled.
“Beatrice Gelding,” she blushed bright red and stormed out of our dormitories to the bathroom. We were still laughing by the time she came back.
Soon we were all out of bed and dressed in basically the same clothes; Marianna of course had large baggy clothes so she wore a gold top under her white blouse, and gold leggings under her strangely hemmed skirt. (Remind me, I have to barrow those), Ceria chose to wear the most formfitting clothes that seemed to show case her scars, Beatrice wore not formfitting, not small, not any-other-style but……I don’t think Harry wants me to call people that.
I well worn the clothes that Kreatcher bought for me, which was a nice way of saying that, they had no flair, or style. The only thing unique with me was my phoenix braid, which I pulled back into my ponytail.
“I doubt we’ll have anyone to sit with,” Ceria complained as we headed out the common room.
“We can sit with my brother,” I assured her.
“You have a brother?!?!”
I wonder how they’ll take it?

I am so sorry i haven't poster sooner. I just got my cast off (my arm is still broken) and i haven't had that much time what with school starting today, doctor appointments, and just plain enjoying the last day of summer. Thanks so much for reading and please leave a comment
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