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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Brielle Hart
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Hufflepuff Chapter 21

Chapter 21: I REALLY Hate My Teacher

I slowly got up out of the chair and made my way to where Harry was sitting. Of course every single Gryffindor wanted to shake hands with me.
“Good job,” Harry whispered to me as Angelina Todd was sorted into Slytherin. I sat down on the left side of Harry that way I could shrink back and be hidden behind him. I stared at the golden plate in front of me as I realized I was shaking.
I tried to not hyperventilate as the last of the first years were being sorted. Harry gently patted me on the back, and the room stopped spinning. I was about to ask when the feast was going to start when a tall woman stepped up in front of the staff table.
“Good evening,” she greeted us. Her words were stretched out as she pronounced every syllable separately. “My name is Anna Reed and I am going to be your Headmistress for this year. However I hope not only to be your teacher but your friend,” I looked over at the rest of the Gryffindor house and everyone one of them, who weren’t third years of below, had a hatred in their eyes. She sounds exactly how Harry described Umbridge. “While I am here I hope to blend the new with the old, with your help of course. But we will have time to discuss this later let the feast begin,”
The second she stopped talking the food appeared…and so did the gossip. “She’s exactly like Umbridge!” Hermione exclaimed.
“Well, you guys got rid of Umbridge before,” I said. Everyone grew silent as we became hungrier.
“Jess is right,” Harry threw down his fork. “You’re right. We’ve got rid of Umbridge and Reed is only a matter of time,” he agreed.
“Yeah, but how much time?” Ron countered.
“You guys are talking again!” Hermione, Ginny, and I squealed at once. I turned to Harry to find him glaring at Ron, Ron glaring at Hermione, and Hermione staring at me with a questioning gaze. What am I going to do?

Thanks so much for reading. Please post a comment or a question. I really want to hear some feed back
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