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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Brielle Hart
Fifth Year

Chapter 19
Have you guys ever wanted something so badly you can’t breathe once it’s finally happening? That’s basically what happened when the Hogwarts Express slowed to a stop.
I didn’t realize what was happening until Hagrid was pushing the small rowboat I was in farther away from shore. There were only a couple flicks of light on the lake, but once I looked up at the stone castle I was in awe. I turned around to look back at the Hogwarts Express only to be blinded by hundreds of lights from other rowboats.
I began letting my mind wander off as the crashing of the waves silenced all talk.

Then all too soon, we (the first years) were begin led through the maze of hallways and stairs. Some kids wouldn’t stop chatting about what their older siblings had done here.
“My older sister says that there are ghosts here,” a redheaded girl patronized to her friends. She was answered by a storm of “No duh”.
“I only wish we could play quidditch,” a LARGE boy complained. Most of the group nodded with him.
“Why can’t we?” I asked.
“First years aren’t allowed you idiot,” he began pushing his way towards the front of the group (towards me).
“You’re the idiot,” I jeered back at him. “My brother played in his first year,” I began growing a sense that everyone was watching us, even the paintings.
“You’re a liar,” he slurred out making it sound as horrid as Harry’s cooking. “The only first year in the last hundred years to play quidditch was Harry Potter,” he leaned in closer to me but spoke even louder. “You’re not his sister,” his friends started laughing.
“Who says?” I rose even taller and pushed the fat pig down a few steps. Although now I knew everyone was looking at me.
Luckily none other than Professor McGonagall had come to explain everything. When she led us through the giant double doors I began my search for Harry. Even when we stopped and she began talking again my eyes searched the red and gold table.
I strained my neck and sure enough at the end of the table there was a pile of messy black hair next to two red ones and a bushy brown one.
Content, I looked back toward the front to find sown together rags on top of a chair. Even though I knew what was to come I still found myself jumping as the Sorting Hat sprang to life.

“I’ve sung this song for many years but it’s the song to do.
It’s a song of warning for each and all of you.
Although we beaten the enemies and buried the dead.
For some it might be new
And for those whose minds are on dinner.
You might want to listen too.
Gryffindors, your bravery has made you heroes through and through
But I suggest you think before you actually do.
Hufflepuffs, your loyalty isn’t questioned. Of that I have no doubt
But maybe you should think ‘How shall I stand out?’
Ravenclaws, we, of course, honor you brains and productivity
But some problems can only be fixed through means of creativity.
Slytherins, bravo to all your schemes and plans,
You have us all in awe.
But you’re going to need some friends to help you back them all.
Listen first years to all that I have said.
The answer to where you all will go is all inside your heads.
I’ll pluck through thoughts and feelings to decide what I shall do.
But there is something you should know before we get the food.
I may choose where you go and what colors you wear proudly.
However it’s up to you, my dears, to which people you act friendly.

Thank you so much for reading. Please, please leave a comment. I promise to post more soon
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