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Post New Gregorovitch, Ron + Slytherin's Locket, Filch & Bellatrix Deathly Hallows shots

The Telegraph released four new Deathly Hallows trailer images, including the first shot of Gregorovitch in his wand shop, Ron looking up at presumably the faces of Riddle-Harry and -Hermione, a close-up of Bellatrix Lestrange, and a wide shot of Harry in the Forbidden Forest about to face Voldemort. Those can be seen in our galleries.

UPDATE: Yahoo! released two more images from the Deathly Hallows trailer, including Filch lurking about the Hogwarts corridors, and a profile shot of Harry walking through the Forbidden Forest toward Voldemort. Those can be seen here.

The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows official trailer will be released at 7pm EST today.
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