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Originally Posted by SarahLestrange View Post
"oh, okay thanks." she said to the girl "I'm Sarah by the way, Sarah black-lestrange." she turnedto the professor whom she assumed was in charge "I would vote for a DJ that could play both muggle and magic music and if we do go with DJ I'd be more than happy to
volunteer alongside my muggle friend who actually already knows about the wizarding world so we wouldn't have to modify her memory at all. It's kida perfect." she smiled and gave an airy laugh..
"nice to meet you Sarah, I'm Sammy Mecan" sammy said smiling


Sammy ran into the room after Emmy "never again" she panted sitting back down in her chair "the decorations committee want to know if there will be a stage" she said gasping for breath really gotta start training again she thought
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