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Originally Posted by Liisa View Post
Oh yes, of course, she thought, rolling her eyes at her husband. "You just wouldn't be you, Marcus if you didn't make an entrance." She reached for a tea cup and sent up a silent prayer of thanks. Had she already had one in hand, there'd have been hot liquid down the front of her robes right now.


"Alright then, let's get started," she announced. "Thank you all for signing up for the Music Committee. The professors and I are here to oversee these meetings and offer our assistance but the decisions that need to be made will be made by you. "

Settling back against Kapoor's desk, she took a sip of her tea and continued. "So... Let's talk about music. I'd like to go around the room and get your ideas. First on our list... live music versus a DJ. Which would you prefer?"
Hehe!! His wife was so cute when she did that whole eye roll thing which she did a lot when he was around.

"It's a rock star thing" he said giving her a wink before turning his attention to the students that were assembled.

Lawson listened quietly as the students tried to decide on which way they wanted to go. Live music or DJ?

"May I make a suggestion?" He looked at the kids for a moment and then went on ahead anyway before any of them could speak. "Perhaps it would be a good idea if one or maybe two of you spoke to the decorating committee and find out if they are going with any sort of theme. It may help you to decide on which direction to take."

When he had played in a band all those years ago, they often had themes to go by.
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