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Much as she hated Victoria Glad, Andra Castle had to admit that the black dress her mother’s best friend had picked suited her stupendously.

Standing in front of her gold-edged full-length mirror, the teenager looked at own her reflection with admiration - it bordered, yes, on the verge of self-conceit, but she was not to blame: it was not her fault she had near-perfect features, or eyes the tincture of the deepest of nights - relishing, in quietude, the delicious cut of the grand, black gown three tailors had collaborated to stitch for her; and the neckline that shone in the illumination of her room, its decoration shapes of lovely, rhinestone clips.

Stick straight and let open, her black hair added to the effect, and Andra brushed, in a most leisurely way, bangs out of her eyes to grin at herself.

“Andra!” Countess Alva Castle called from the staircase.

“Yes, mother?” she asked, peeking out of the door.

“Are you ready, darling?" Her mother's tones were a little flustered, a fact Andra failed to register. "The guests will arrive soon, and Varius says he has set up the lights. You better go see them, honey. You're ready, aren't you?”

“Give me a minute, mother.”


“Taaada!” Varius Lestrange announced merrily.

It was his signature word, and he used it when he was at his happiest. Andra registered this with half a smile, but then she beamed, for she was glad at his expertise of the subject of charms - with one flick of his hand, her cousin had caused the entire length of Castle gardens (and they were very vast, open rolls of grass, I assure you) to light up with candles of gold that floated in midair, and were a delicious part of the larger decorations that would unroll their pretty wings for the night.

The rosebushes glimmered into the evening, as tiny fairies settled into their depths, and Andra’s eyes were full of pleasure. He had, it was clear, made her day.

“Var – this is beautiful!” she exclaimed when she found, at long, long last, her voice. She thumped him – hard – on the back, and then she wrapped her arms around him in a way that was purely sisterly. She had always been sure Varius could do this, though his often non-serious attitude towards her - towards most things, in general; even the severity of life itself - sometimes put her in doubt about his abilities. But then again, she had always had a feeling that non-seriousness was.... pretended. “You - let me inform you, dear Mr. Lestrange - are amazing!”

“Ouch, Anderz, were you trying to kill me what that pat?” Varius asked, rubbing his back in response. “It hurt, you know. Or don't you?”

“If there was not the danger that I might ruin my dress, Varius, I would punch you for calling me that,” Andra replied, ignoring with great ease, most of what he had said – the exception was, of course, his affectionate nickname for her, a nickname that she bore little love for. It was, after all, a most unladylike one.

"You call that a dress, Anderz?” Varius replied cheekily.

“You –”

But he had run off, laughing. Andra near about swore out loud, but then she grinned to herself, and turned away. He could run, for now -- she would get him, later.

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