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The courtroom was filling up after all; Sophia's dark brown eyes flickered around the large, brightened room as more and more witches and wizards seemed to be entering. It seemed she was wrong about the getting lost part - or maybe they did get lost, but then found their way. Shrugging, she awaited then for the candidates to join her.

One of the employees on her campaign though entered the center area first, nodding at her, which she followed up with a half-smile of her own before glancing down at the stacks of papers her campaign had prepared these past few months. Oh . . . the current Minister Cooper had arrived, and he was shaking hands with those in the front!? Eyes bulging in shock, Sophia just shook her head, as Reagan followed in not too far behind. At least Reagan seemed to have some diplomacy about her; of course, she couldn't dent that Cooper definitely had confidence, a trait that Sophia admired TREMENDOUSLY.

There was that Tetrus guy from the lounge, who seemed much better dressed since he needed to be somewhat 'presentable' for the debates. Good impressions. But where was Reagan's campaign manager? She was pretty sure she heard the heels of that Iridesca witch from level five, but she was . . . oh, busy on the benches. And Jonathan, who made many of the 'vote posters', was here too. So that left . . . two missing from the courtrooms; five from the center. No time to waste though, as time was already a-ticking.

Flicking her wand effortlessly at herself, before replacing it in her handbag, Sophia had cast the sonorus charm to allow herself to be heard as she began the event preceding voting. "Good afternoon everyone! I would like to begin by first introducing myself as your hostess, Sophia Vivaldi, for what hopefully will be an informative event. In these next few hours we'll be getting a closer look at our candidates in the upcoming election.

As a man nearing his early fifties, Brennan Cooper is a wizard that demands respect, particularly of his position in society. As Minister of Magic for over fifteen years now, Brennan Cooper is one of strategy and experience. He did not come to this position by sheer dumb luck, but with his easygoing ways and charming banter, he rose from a mere employee in Department of International Magical Cooperation to this esteemed role he now holds.

Minister Cooper is known to be rather clever in his own right, devious in how seems to surround himself with the best. Despite the preconceived notion that he is a consummate politician, for many years, he is quite good at his job which is due in part to his taste in personal staff. Minister Cooper believes himself to be a hardworker, motivated to continue to ensure that the international relations stay strong. He has believes that if reelected, he can continue to work to establish a stronger, more dynamic education program. Finally, he wishes to ensure the safety of everyone in Britain from Dark Forces. In the words of a former Department Head of Magical Creatures when speaking about Minister Cooper, 'Here’s to the past, present and future.’

I would now like to call upon Nicoli Vanhattck to introduce the second candidate for Minister."
Drawing a deep breath, Sophia took a step back from the podium as she awaited for Nicoli to continue. Good thing she had the name cheat sheet for who was supposed to speak next... Now was Nicoli?
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