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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Where was that campaign manager? What was his name? The last one was named a color name. Ummm. Turquoise. No. Magenta. He grinned to himself as he entered the room and waved to his constituents.

He circled to the front of the room and offered his hand to the front row for a shake. Yes, yes, they were pleased to meet him. Of course they were. He headed for his podium, grinning broadly as he moved.
Tetrus made his way into the courtroom after wrapping a few last minute things up in his office. He’d dressed up (kind off…) for the debate. He wore black and purple robes that only had a MINOR tear here and there…

The room was big, intimidating, but bright. Tetrus didn’t like bright places, at all. It was easier to spot the Minister though, and the Department Head approached him. “Good day, Minista’.” He stated, putting his hand out for a shake. “Everything is ready? Eat a nice breakfast? Hakuna Matata?” He laughed slightly and looked over to the opposing candidate. She looked nice…
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