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41. Scourgify

HARRY,” Ginny’s voice screeched.

Yes, dear” Harry said, rushing to his pregnant wife’s side.

I want to take a bubble bath, will you fix it up for me” Ginny said with a weak smile.

As they entered the bathroom, Ginny let out a wail, “This bathroom is disgusting, it must be cleaned first!

James and Albus had gone into the restroom covered in mud and left the bathroom full of sludge and dirt.

While Ginny walked toward the bedroom to sit in a comfortable chair, Harry took out his wand.

Pointing it first at the tub, he spoke softly, “Scourgify.” Harry kept repeating the spell over and over again to remove the muck.

The room became less revolting as the spell did its work. And soon enough, the white tile sparkled and the granite glimmered.

Harry turned on the hot water and tested the temperature with his finger. He added the bubbles and dimmed the lights to soothe Ginny in her tense state.

Walking into the bedroom, Harry found Ginny asleep in the chair. Thinking it better not to wake her, He continued to write his letter to Luna that they were naming their child’s middle name after her.
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