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8. Diffindo

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione entered the Annual Ball dressed in their finest dress robes. They were ready to have a joyous evening, when Malfoy walked up to them with Crabbe and Goyle following in their bodyguard like fashion.

I’m surprised that you four would come here looking that” Malfoy sneered looking the four up and down, “I thought that you would know to wear quality robes to such an event.” He then strutted towards the drink table.

Ron grew red in the face, Harry and Hermione had to hold him back from trying to rip Malfoy apart. What Harry and Hermione had failed to recognize was the Ginny had whipped out her wand.

Diffindo.” Ginny spoke, softly but firmly.

Malfoy’s clothes began to tear, leaving him standing in nothing but his underwear. Malfoy was shocked but strode toward Ginny taking out his wand.

You might want to reconsider,” Harry spoke, making Malfoy realize that Harry, Ron and Hermione had their wands pointing at him.

Keep your girlfriend in check,” Malfoy spat towards Harry.

Ginny hollered, “Malfoy, I thought you would have enough sense to come here in a little more then your skivvies,” and everyone burst into laughter.
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