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Heart of a Claw

15.Hurling Hex

Harry grinned, “Thank you, thank you very much,” he said. Harry set his broom down as a surge of fans thrust pictures at him to autograph. Harry placed the snitch that helped seal his team’s victory into his pocket. Harry grabbed a quill and began to sign autographs. Harry’s team was off to the Quidditch World Cup. Harry, nor anyone else, took notice that a man dressed in a dark gray robe had drawn his wand and placed a spell on Harry’s broom

Harry was nervous. It was his first appearance in the Quidditch World Cup, and looking around he could tell that his teammates were equally nervous. They felt the stadium shake as applause erupted as the other team flew out onto the pitch. Harry grabbed his broom, and on cue the seven players mounted their brooms zoomed out onto the pitch. The game began, but Harry didn’t even see the first goal scored.

Harry awoke several people huddled around him.
What happened?” Harry mumbled.
Harry could barely hear Ron’s response “Someone placed a Hurling Hex on your broom, mate.”
But the game,” Harry muttered.
We’re sorry but your team forfeited after your fall,” Ginny said sadly.
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