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Alex Eagleson
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Post Austin’s 50 Harry Potter Ficlets – Sa13+
Heart of a Claw

50 Harry Potter Ficlets

1. Accio
2. Avada Kedavra
3. Braking Charm
4. Blasting Curse
5. Colloportus
6. Crucio
7. Confundus
8. Diffindo
9. Disapparate
10. Engorgio
11. Expecto Patroum
12. Furnunculus
13. Flagrate
14. Horn Tongue
15. Hurling Hex
16. Impedimenta
17. Imperio
18. Incarcerous
19. Jelly Legs
20. Knitting Charm
21. Langlock
22. Legilimens
23. Levicorpus
24. Lumos
25. Mobilicorpus
26. Morsmordre
27. Muffliato
28. Nox
29. Obliviate
30. Oppugno
31. Orchideous
32. Petrificus Totalus
33. Point Me
34. Protego
35. Quietus
36. Reducto
37. Relashio
38. Rictusempra
39. Sectumsempra
40. Sonorus
41. Scourgify
42. Silencio
43. SpeRevelio
44. Stupefy
45. Tarantallegra
46. Tergeo
47. Twitchy Ears Hex
48. Unbreakable Vow
49. Wingardium Leviosa
50. Waddiwasi

42. Silencio

Harry strode down the sixth floor corridor. He was trying to relieve some stress because his final exams were creeping up slowly but surely. Letting down his bag, he sat on a bench.

He hadn’t noticed two Hufflepuff third year girls were verbosely talking about one of their roommates that had been caught passionately kissing a Ravenclaw boy down by the lake. The gossip was slowly irritating Harry more and more. Frustrated more than he would have if he had just stayed in the common room, Harry stood and walked off toward the Great Hall. “I need something to eat,” Harry thought.

But to his dismay, the girls seemed to have the same idea. By the time that they reached the third floor corridor, he was feed up with the girls. He turned, drawing his wand, “Silencio” He said pointing to one of the girls. The other girl protested, “Hey you cant do-” but Harry cut her off casting another Silencing Charm. “Finally,” Harry muttered as he strode off toward Gryffindor tower, the details of the girls' conversation had made him lose his appetite.

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