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Yeah today moring i watched the today show and saw it live it was such a shock because i had no clue they would be showing it they just did and i really do think i was close to haveing a heart attack or fainting. I really love the US version its simple but you can still feel the emotion you know what i mean? in the US one it looks like theyre both reaching out for something i wonder what it could be...maybe the last horcrux?! i also love the adult UK version i really like that theyre actual photos and the locket looks really pretty! is that supposed to be Harry, Ron and Hermione on the kids version? i wonder whats with all the gewls and jewelry overall i think these are my faveorite cover out of all the HP books though i really liked thhe sixth one and i love the shade of orange they made the US version thats a first and its really beutiful!!! cant wait till the books ACTUALLY come out! i am definately buying all the versions including the Deluxe Edition

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