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Jennifer_w will be taking over my other character Nicholas Lestrange, who I used to type in purple.

Nicholas Lestrange

Son of Bellatrix, also Son of Lord Voldemort. He is Marce's half brother and therefore very protective over her and all who touch her life. Even though he is slightly younger than her, by a month, he very much plays the part of the older brother looking after the younger sister. Nick, like the others, will suspect Darrin to be a DE, but wont be able to prove it. He is friends with Archie, but it wary of him around his sister, and tried to protect her desparately from making a terrible mistake with him. He recognises she is heartbroken over Snape but knows she loves him. He fails in preventing them from making that mistake and thus after becomes annoyed with her. They have a fight in which results him backing off but still being there for her. In amongst all that, he befriends and then forms a love connection with Andriel, who is a vampire. He also helps her out with the transistion as she is a newly become vampire and still has all the adjustments to go through. Unlike the others, he doesn't trust Kristi wholly and is constantly watching her, trying to suss her out and decide whether she is for their side.

Nick is not like his father, murder is not what he is capable of. But he does dislike mudbloods greatly and feels they shouldn't be in the school. He wants to find a better solution to the problem. But, he would kill at a push if someone threatened Marce's life (although if we're going to kill someone I will let you know beforehand).

He had blonde longish hair, shoulder length, blueish green eyes and is rather tall and slim.
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