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Originally Posted by Mrs. Weasley
Gaby walks into the library looking for a quiet place to do her Herbology home work. She notices such a table near the front desk. Gaby walks over to see a Ravenclaw has spilled a bottle of ink all over the table. The Slytherin student sitting near her is not in the least amused with what's going on. Gaby puts her bag down and takes out a large cloth. "Here this should do the trick." She place the cloth over the ink, and it is immediately cleaned up. "Sometime the old fashioned methods work best. Do you mind if I share this table with you? The Common Room is just too nosy to get any home work done in."
Unfortunately, the ink was already cleared up by Diana's spells just as the new girl placed a cloth over the ink.

Diana merely shrugged. "Go ahead if you'd like"

Originally Posted by Mrs. Weasley
Gaby stares at the Ravenclaw for a moment. She didn't think she remembered the girl, but she has seen so many new face since coming to Hogwarts they tend to blur together. "You might have. I can't really say. This is my first term here, so I've been exploring the place. My names Weasley, Gabrielle Weasly." Gaby extends her hand to the Ravenclaw.
Diana blinked. She wasn't looking at the new girl. She was looking at another girl, a Slytherin, beside her. Nonetheless, Diana introduced, from what she can tell, a Hufflepuff, herself. "Name's Diana."

Originally Posted by Dru
"You may have," Dru replied, still looking at the other girl's homework. "I'm guessing you're a 6th year by your work. Potions isn't your strongest subject is it?"

She sat back down before closing her book and looking at the cover. "No wonder I didn't understand a word of it, I loath Herbology." Dru shoved it over to the end of the table before turning back to Diana.

"So, who are you? You look a bit old to be student if you don't mind me saying."
She turned her attention back to Dru and cocked her head for a moment. "Yes, I think I've seen you before. Right here in the library, I believe. Weren't you with the Ravenclaw Prefect Ashlie in here awhile back, possibly just before the term of the ministry takeover? Your name's...." Diana closed her eyes for several seconds before opening them back up. "Your name's Dru, isn't it?"

"Ah no. Potions isn't exactly my strongest subject, as with this muggle subject, Chemistry. Jeez, Potions and Chemistry are somewhat similiar, aren't they? Herbology's my second best subject."

Diana bit her lip and pouted as she heard Dru talking about her looking to old to be a Hogwarts student. Pfft. I figured this will eventually haunt me. Second time asked in... three days!

She made a "This-isn't-your-business,-concern,-or-whatever-it-is,-but-" expression and replied, "Circumstances beyond my control. I'm just a nobody but a student."
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