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:Kelli walked up to the box, and opened her letter to read it once more before slipping it into the box:

I know the staff at the school are doing their best to keep the students safe, but the older students I think could help take part in that. If you maybe had 2-3 students in each house be a sort of police for the house, that might help matters there, and make the students feel a little bit safer. Also, as far as uniting the students, maybe some small competitions that have teams of 4, one student from each house, would help unite all the students, and they would meet new students from other houses, and hopefully make some new friends. All the quidditch matches and such are great, but influence the seperation of houses.

I hope you will take not only my suggestion, but the suggestions of other students into consideration. We are all just trying to tell you what would help us feel safer and more united.


:she was satisified with her letter, and dropped it into the box:

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