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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Currently: Diane Entelequia
Second Year

Nadia walked to the area of the headmistress headquarters entrance crossing paths with a distracted looking Jaren. She reached the box which stood next to the entrace, pulled an envelope and dropped it though the gape and inside the box. Then, staring at the retreatening figure, she quickened some steps and distracted-looking followed the boy.

The letter inside the box, on the other hand, read as following.

Places to enter the castle:
-Main Gates
-Secondary gates from the grounds/forest
-7 passageways leading out of the castle.

Most reasonable deduction:
-The Headmaster/Headmistress is SecretKeeper of the Book of Mysteria.

-Replace all DMDs around the castle. Reasoning: A skilled wizard should be able to conceal its nature and that around him, but no dark magic could be performed without notice.
-Seek the help of spirit and spirit-like creatures to find the BoM; since last time it was a ghost who found it.
-Look for other tools to help find the BoM. Or unable others to use said tools. Consider dropping all defenses for a period of time to renew all defenses and to stop any interferences around the tool in question.
-Wide up the Anti-Apparation area around the castle.
-Consider keeping students informed of situation concerning security of the school and updated on whichever subject which matters to the people involved.
-Check for adictive components in the Book of Mysteria and purge all staff members and people in touch with the book.
The reasons behind this letter and its bluntness, only Nadia knew.

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