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Cherry entered the muggle studies classroom, looking around to see if there was anyone she knew. But there were only several students, mostly Slytherins, which she remember from the year before, and sadly, she didn't know either of them.

So she took a vacant seat and sat down as the lesson was about to begin. The smell in the class itself seemed to show how much things had changed from the previous year. When she had first entered the classroom the year before, you could clearly see the annoyed look on Shwmae's face as students were being late, whenever anyone tried to stand up to what was actually a student's right, and when she absolutely loved the power she had over the other students. But overall, she hadn't been to terrible, at least to me, Cherry thought.

Now she looked up at the new Professor, wondering what she'd be like. She knew that up till the previous year, she had been the Hogwarts healer, but since she had had no reason to go in the Hospital Wing, she hadn't actually met her.

As the Professor asked the first question, a tirade of answers ensued, and she decided that she wouldn't add anything, because there was nothing she could think of which hadn't been said already. So she waited for the next question.
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