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Lee had just left the opening feast and decided to go searching for the Suggestion Box mentioned in the Headmistress' meeting. Haven eaten gave him a brainwave which he hoped would help her and the other Professors. He had it already written on a spare piece of parchment. He folded it and then placed it gently into the box. When the Headmistress read it she would see:
Dear Professor Rae,

Having much thought after your rather wonderful speech i have decided upon a suggestion for you to consider. I don't think any changes should be made to the school, we are as safe as we need. With the ministry gone students will co-opertate more when it comes to their lessons and free time. Also i'm sure when the inspector arrives we all shall act golden due to fear of losing our school.

If any changes should be made i think it should involve more enchantments on the borders of the Hogwarts campus and i think your idea of competitions to help bring House Pride and school unity is one of the best possible soloutions. Hope you take this into consideration and hopefully agree with my views.

Yours sincerely,
Lee Alfred Leonard Andrez
Satisfied with what he had written he left the corridor with a rather smug look on his face, convinced the nearby statue of a gargoyle was staring at him.

OOC - Thanks to the Touz for creating IC Lee's middle names
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