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Nadia walked by when she looked at a box standing just next to the Gargoyle that served as entrance of the Headmistress Office. The words 'suggestion in security' rang in her ears. But what was the use and wasn't it against what they had agreed, on stepping into this territory?

Idly and as if it didn't matter, Nadia wrote into a performed piece of parchment, the following: Cast the same Ancient Protective Enchantment of Blood that Lily Evans put upon her son and family as whole, with small variations to fix the building and situation, at Hogwarts School. Use of the Pentacle and the Cone of power, each Head of House as protection representative. Plus, practical teaching of Advance Defensive Magic to students.

She stopped on her writing, playing with the feather she used as quill. After some small deliberation added;

Not keeping of secrets pertaining security of the building.

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