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That was no fun. “There is no harm in being a secret romantic, y’know? In fact, most of us find it endearing.” And there was nothing secret about Bowie’s personality.

Thankfully the blonde man didn’t have a street cred to worry about. It was more likely that Denzel, being that cool, effortless single father, brought his own up. “I’m not worried. If you’re seen as less cool, others won’t be interested and I won’t have competition” he chuckled. He wasn’t the jealous type but there may have been a sprinkling of insecurity in there somewhere.

Whether anyone noticed the sign of affection or not, he wasn’t interested. They weren’t bothering anyone else so why should it matter? The man followed, spotting a lane that was free and a little further away from the currently occupied ones. “I’m surprised you didn’t bring your own balls” Denzel DID seem the competitive type that would take bowling seriously. “I’ve always felt a bit sorry for the shrunken heads..” He picked one up, turned it face up in his hand only to be slightly alarmed by the angry looking face staring back at him. He promptly set the head back down. “I’d probably be grumpy too if I was being used as a bowling ball.”

Back to the conversation about his children. “It’s about time we went out together as a family.” The last word kinda slipped out but he couldn’t really see it be described in any other way. Bowie lived with them now. His cheeks returned to that soft flushed pink at the compliment. “I’d rather he didn’t, he might get into trouble again” he softly chuckled. Those kids were something special and Bowie too would defend them with his last breath.
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