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Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

Darius smiled, "No problem, mate. I got your back," Even if it might be dangerous territory being so close during games. And after games. "Who knows, you just might be trading the set of heads you'll be wrangling." Meanwhile, he had the liberty to take a crack at them every now and then.

Time flying, it really was an unfair concept. "Have to say it's true, especially once they spend less time in front of you," Darius said. "I guess when you're watching someone else grow into the years you've already passed, it seems much quicker." He could recall his kid years and how life seemed infinite. It took forever for him to be old enough for Hogwarts. Then old enough to graduate and now.. It was refreshing to want to be heard. "Cool, I'm just not used to talking this much at least in front of someone I-" Like. Alot. He wanted to say. "am really comfortable with," Now that was close. Him being the first to admit things? Not his usual style. The smirk was back on, "Why, Mr. Grenadine, it sounds like you would want that promise from me." Maybe it was the snake in him, but who could resist. Well, a lot actually. But he was happily distracted by the teasing.

Where was that ball? Who knows, who cares. Darius rolled over nearly blinding his eyes from the sun before Daire's face replaced the sun with his hand outreached to him. How nice. He could smile and die of embarrassment right here. Aria knew where his will was and his boys would be taken care of. You alright? Maybe he was alright. It felt a bit cheesy the situation, but he could live with that. Didn't expect you to fall for me already. Nope, he was dead again. "Shut up," He laughed before taking his hand, and pulling him down, unknowingly towards his own face.

Dangerous was just synonymous with fun, wasn't it? At least sometimes. Or maybe just in these particular circumstances. The joke actually stuck with him for a moment. Trading what heads he was wrangling? What that made his mind instantly think of was coaching. Which... wasn't a terrible idea. Of course not in the big leagues, but.... a resume for coaching a football club for minors would be far easier to magically tweak a resume to fit than for being a pro player. And he didn't mind being around kids, he never had. It was... another idea to contemplate on, though he was trying to not get too distracted into doing so now.

"With the age they're at, the school's they go to will only be during the day, yeah?" He didn't think boarding started so young, but truly he didn't know much so he'd have to clarify. "Is your Quidditch schedule ever hard for your time with them?" The nice thing was with being magic, travel took far less time than it did for the teams of the mundane sports. But there was still all the training, the practices, the games, the occasional PR moments.... it was a lot, he was sure. Daire couldn't help the grin as his eyebrow quirked up a bit. "If you can't talk in front of who you're comfortable with, who do you talk a lot in front of Darius?" He was teasing him, but mainly in an effort to just to assure that he could talk as much as he had the words for. Daire liked listening to him. He wouldn't ask so many questions and show interest if he didn't. His grin simply grew, as he gave a non-nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. "Now you can't expect me to openly admit anything further so early in the game, can you?"

The ball was, for the moment, forgotten as Daire looked down an amused smile still playing on his lips. It took a moment for Darius to give any type of a response, though considering how strong he'd come on with his flirting that was to be expected. Though the silence just gave him the opportunity, and desire, to further tease him. Which he would have done, except there was a laugh now and Darius accepted his hand. Daire noticed for a moment how warm and nicely it fit in his, but before he could redirect his attention away from the observation and pull Darius up, he was instead being pulled down. He had enough balance to not fully topple over onto the other male, but not enough to stop his head from moving down closer, his lips brushing against Darius' briefly first before Daire decided he might as well take the opportunity to give a proper kiss.

Which he then proceeded to do just that.
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