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The department head could sense the immense relief and newfound determination radiating from Tomasz. It was clear that this opportunity meant the world to him, and Frankie was glad to be a part of facilitating this important step in his career.

"You're very welcome, Tomasz," Frankie replied with a sincere smile, feeling gratified by the positive impact this decision had on his colleague. "Excellent. I'm glad to hear that you're ready to make the transition. Let's proceed with that plan, then. I'll inform Simon about the transition, make sure Carter is prepared for your arrival, and get everything in order so you can start your Auror training as soon as possible."

Frankie then leaned back slightly, his demeanor still warm and encouraging. "If you have any questions or need any support during this process, my door is always open." But, just in case there was something that needed addressing at the present moment, he added, "Is there anything else you'd like to discuss while we're still here?"

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