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Default delivering one more wand IC; DA is now closed to students, please do not reply :)
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SPOILER!!: MadMadamMalfoy
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post

Sydney would have loved to see the look on everyone's faces, but the smoke prevented her from doing so. Instead she listened for a reaction, noting the wandmaker's slight cough.

The more she heard about her new wand, the more she liked it. Highly intelligent over-achiever? That sounded quite a bit like her. She had no doubt she would be brilliant enough to make the wand perform any spell she wanted… once she actually learned some spells. The core was interesting too! She liked the idea of powerful spells and the wand bonding closely to her. She wouldn't want someone to be able to take her wand easily!

As she processed the information the Wanamaker gave her, her thoughts turned to the dragon that provided her wand core. ”Was the Swedish Shortsnout still alive when its heartstring was harvested?” she asked. Probably not, she guessed, though it was interesting to think about.

Sydney's eyes darted about the shop, taking in the array of products. She considered buying a bundle, but leather holsters seemed a bit boring. She wanted something more distinctive, like a dragonhide holster. Maybe a Swedish Shortsnout, to match her wand core? Or- ooh, an alligator holster! That was probably the closest she'd find to a swamp monster. ”I'd like some wand polish, conditioning oil, and an alligator hip holster, please,” she replied.

Zeke was prepared for the question; it was one he got a lot, either through concern about the creatures they harvested from or just from plain curiosity. "No, it wasn't. The heartstring is taken after the dragons have passed." His phrasing was deliberate; the dragons weren't killed for the making of the wands, or at least, he personally didn't use cores obtained that way. But that was a whole different conversation.

He gave her a smile, said, "Absolutely," and went to collect the items that the girl wanted. When he returned to the counter, he bundled everything up. "That's 26 galleons 8 sickles in total then, please."

SPOILER!!: FearlessLeader19
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Johnny beamed. It seemed that he had gotten his maths correct. His parents would be very pleased to hear about this. “Thank you too,’’ he said quite enthusiastically, pushing a bit of his curly hair out of his eyes. The purchases were collected and they were hugged to his chest. Yep! Jon was going to take very good care of his latest belongings!

“Bye! It’s been lovely shopping here! I’ll be back for sure for more supplies!” Giving the Shopkeeper a wave, he bounced back over to his parents. Hopefully his sisters didn’t have him waiting for long. As much as he loved this shop, Jon was excited to move about in Diagon Alley.

Charming young man. "Happy to be of service," he said, and returned the boy's wave with a smile before off his customer bounced. Zeke did not bounce anywhere, though it was true that a job well done did put a pep in his own step.

SPOILER!!: PhoenixRising
Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Before Tiffany took the second wand, she found herself pondering what the shopkeeper had said to her brother about being honest and compassionate. She knew he was a big ol' softie even if he loved to tease her and Ari. And then there was Ari, getting a wand with a Laurel core, how ironic considering their mom's name. And interesting about the fire spells, considering their brother's first wand interaction. It made her curious to see what this wand would do and how it might connect to her family.

Biting her lip as she watched him ignore the pile on the floor to get her another wand, she blinked. "I'm really sorry ... if there's anything ..." She could almost hear her mum reminding her to pick up after herself. Gingerly she picked up the second one, wondering how she'd know if the wand chose her. Would she get butterflies ? Or some other sign?

Before she could question it any longer, stars emitted from the tip, glowing and hovering for around thirty seconds before dissolving into the air. "Does that mean this is the one?" she asked curiously of the shopkeeper, looking back at her parents and siblings for reassurance.

Aaron smiled when Johnny's wand selected him and he paid for it along with getting some polish too. And then it seemed Ari was all set with hers too, which left only one to go ... Such immense fatherly pride watching each of his children get their first wand. What a shame that parents weren't allowed to watch their kids get sorted too, but he knew they'd receive an owl with their results. He shook his head at his wife's delusion in thinking Floreans would be quiet during the summer, but he wasn't about to argue with that. Also, one can't get upset with ice cream in front of them.

"Oh no, not to worry at all. No need to apologise," Zeke said, giving a reassuring smile and a wave of his hand to indicate it was perfectly fine. "We see all kinds of magical reactions in here. All par for the course."

What mattered most in that moment was narrowing down their choices and finding the right wand for the girl - that is, arranging things so that the right wand would be in a place to choose her.

Aaaand... yes? Yes. There it was, unless Zeke was mistaken (and he prided himself that his mistakes were few and far between, especially where wandlore was concerned). "Yes, that's exactly what it means. Congratulations." Lovely little magical effect there too, if he did say so himself.

"Now then, your wand is eleven and a half inches of unyielding ebony, with an augurey feather core." One of those woods people often wanted to try for the aesthetics if nothing else. Jet black and attractive, and comfortably heavy in the hand to boot. "Ebony has a particularly lustrous reputation in magical combat as well as in transfiguration magic; well-suited to defensive and protective spells, and to dispelling dark magic, and suitable for all elemental magic. An ebony wand may be used for most any purpose, but it can take some time for spells to be mastered, so you'll need to be willing to put in the time and the work." But Zeke wasn't too worried about that; he doubted the wand would have chosen her if it didn't detect that kind of commitment in the wielder. "Augurey feather wands are very particular about who they choose, but they make for extremely loyal wands. Very hardy too. Wands with this core also become especially responsive on any day that rain is due to fall, particularly when casting non-verbal magic." Something to keep in mind for those later years of schooling and beyond. "This core is particularly suited to Divination magic, as well as charms, especially those which silence or raise the alarm."

Well then. That was that. Zeke smiled again. "The wand by itself is 10 galleons, plus anything else you are interested in buying today."


[11½ inch unyielding ebony with augurey feather]
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