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Now that it had properly set in that her brother had been reading and that the subject matter was fictional, everything had clicked. It was even amusing how he thought that every word found within the book was factual, though perhaps such a thing shouldn't have been as such. This was Drake, after all. She loved him nevertheless. His silly antics were like a refreshing ray of sunshine.

"Just because it's a book doesn't mean everything in it is real, Drakie," Gilly responded in her typical matter-of-fact manner. "Some books are meant to be informational, and others are fictional and are meant to entertain the reader." That was the simple version, which would have to do for now. She could only imagine how he'd respond if she took a deep dive into all of the genres that were out there in the world.

"What made you want to pick this up?" she inquired, gently closing the book and holding it out for him to take back. While it wasn't something she personally was interested in, it had somehow managed to capture his attention, which, for literature, was quite a feat.

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