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The polite bow of the head, the offering of a smile, and the slight hesitation paired with deciding where to sit did not go unnoticed. It was an instinct that happened naturally for the department head at this point in his career, and not noticing such little things was a skill that was rather difficult to turn off. He did not let his thoughts linger on analyzing every movement Thomasz made as he made his way toward the armchairs. Frankie knew he was a good egg.

"It's not a problem at all," the blond assured as he closed the door, his genuine smile remaining. "And don't worry about you interrupting anything. I can always make time for my team. And, to be quite honest, I welcome any opportunity to step away from paperwork." A chuckle escaped him as he moved to join the younger man in the seating area. The files on his desk could wait.

Taking a seat across from Tomasz, Frankie couldn't help but notice the other's posture. One edge, yet composed. Such a thing was something that the department head did not bring up. Instead of addressing it directly, he opted to lean forward slightly to convey his attention.

"Is there something on your mind, Tomasz? Anything I can help with?" Frankie's voice was gentle, inviting, allowing Tomasz the space to share at his own pace.

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