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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

If Dy only knew how worried Tam was, she would offer more reassurance. The only ways she could show that Tam’s presence was valued in her life was for their hangout time to continue. “Cake does sound great too! I could treat myself to both, now that I think about it.” As a dancer, Dy certainly worked up an appetite at times. But food was temporarily pushed from her mind as she took a peek at Tam and saw the gorgeous smile. She liked that smile very much.

This Hufflepuff could not agree more about all the things but she couldn’t agree more that hers and Tam’s interest in music was a blessing. Especially when one of Dy’s fave things had become them bonding even further over the topic. After all, there were endless topics on the subject. But not only that, it also opened doors to other subjects and day by day, Dy was learning more about Tam. And Dy was only liking her even more the more facts were revealed about the other girl. That tick of hers was the cutest! Or rather, one of the cutest because that blush wasn’t far behind. Dy pretended not to stare by alternating her gaze between the stream of people passing by and Tam. “It shall be loads of fun and very interesting,’’ she piped up, already anticipating these moments. “Whenever you want! My schedule’s always cleared for you.”

Could Tam giggle like that all day, please? “If you were ever a contestant on a trivia show, you’d own the music category!” And Dy would be cheering her on, of course! As the conversation continued, the older girl listened with rapt attention. She liked learning about Tam’s life, no matter if she felt a smidge of resentment towards Tam’s family for not paying more attention. “I understand.” Sort of? “You still deserve to have your family pay as much attention to you as possible as much as anyone else.” And not until Tam was all famous then they’d take a huge interest in her. “Well, no matter. You have me now. I’m always going to be interested in whatever you have to say or whatever you do.” After getting that fact out, Dy quickly changed the subject. “Here we are!” The aroma of fresh-baked goods wafted out at her. “Let’s see if there's cake, shall we?”
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