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Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Zeke was very good at keeping his expression schooled and refraining from reacting when his customers produced their various magical effects. He'd seen so many over the years that very little could surprise him.

That still held true right now, though he couldn't quite help from wincing ever so slightly. With some difficulty, Zeke turned away from the shelves, making a mental note to check over the wands that had fallen once he was done here.

"Yes, I think you are quite right," Zeke said, nodding in agreement and putting the lid back on the box. "Not to worry. That does narrow things down somewhat." After considering the shelves for a moment (and hoping the one he was thinking of wasn't in that pile on the floor) Zeke stooped down to pluck a wand box out from where it lived in a tucked away corner. He returned to the girl and smiled at her, offering the second wand that sat inside its box. "Let's see how you get along with this one."
Before Tiffany took the second wand, she found herself pondering what the shopkeeper had said to her brother about being honest and compassionate. She knew he was a big ol' softie even if he loved to tease her and Ari. And then there was Ari, getting a wand with a Laurel core, how ironic considering their mom's name. And interesting about the fire spells, considering their brother's first wand interaction. It made her curious to see what this wand would do and how it might connect to her family.

Biting her lip as she watched him ignore the pile on the floor to get her another wand, she blinked. "I'm really sorry ... if there's anything ..." She could almost hear her mum reminding her to pick up after herself. Gingerly she picked up the second one, wondering how she'd know if the wand chose her. Would she get butterflies ? Or some other sign?

Before she could question it any longer, stars emitted from the tip, glowing and hovering for around thirty seconds before dissolving into the air. "Does that mean this is the one?" she asked curiously of the shopkeeper, looking back at her parents and siblings for reassurance.

Aaron smiled when Johnny's wand selected him and he paid for it along with getting some polish too. And then it seemed Ari was all set with hers too, which left only one to go ... Such immense fatherly pride watching each of his children get their first wand. What a shame that parents weren't allowed to watch their kids get sorted too, but he knew they'd receive an owl with their results. He shook his head at his wife's delusion in thinking Floreans would be quiet during the summer, but he wasn't about to argue with that. Also, one can't get upset with ice cream in front of them.

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