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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Helena took no notice of Violet’s wrinkled nose. To her, all versions of her daughter were adorable, and nothing nor anyone would be able to convince her otherwise. “I do!” she replied happily. “Oh, Violet! I’m so happy I can fully be here for you fully now.” The woman was desperately trying not to tear up but her eyes betrayed her by getting all watery. Helena was quite grateful about neither Jane nor Violet bringing up Sam; Violet was right as there was plenty of time to discuss that part of her life. Besides, on such a happy occasion, Sam did not deserve to be apart of it in a verbal manner or otherwise.

“Yes, Jane! Much thanks to you.” Helena gazed after her friend fondly. There would be plenty of time to catch up with her; Helena rather suspected she wanted to leave Violet and herself together for now. “I wonder how soon the Healers will clear me so that I can leave.” There was no need for her to stay here any longer… right?
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