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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Oh yay!

"It's like you're a Legilimens," she giggled as she immediately reciprocated the embrace. Despite growing just a LITTLE more, Anna continued to be considerably shorter than the majority of her peers but being so also came with the perk that her ear was pressed up against their chest in such a way that allowed her the privilege of listening to their heartbeat while being enveloped by their warmth. And, really, was there a better way to greet another person? It was so nourishingly intimate! "You're going to have to sit back down for a cheek kiss though...I'm not too confident in my coordination to be able to jump and peck." Very likely to miss and hit his chin or...hmm...why was she feeling a bit flushed as she went down the list of more readily accessible places she could hop and reach?

She would ask Professor Gert about this allergy business once they returned to Hogwarts...if she remembered...but for now she was patting her bag for her little phial of sunscreen to offer him for his arms. "Mum used to practically paint me with it come summer time. Used to be mistaken for a ghost when I was in primary school because of how comically pale it all made me look. Says she is just protecting my freckles and I am more susceptible to burning because of them...which I think is a rather cruel thing to say about all the constellations on my face THANKS to them." Finding it at last, Anna offered it to Ezra with a smile. "Or I can put it on for you." It was hard to reach some places on your own sometimes, though arms were a lot easier than the back at least. "And then we can see about this ice cream business because I am salivating in anticipation of learning what flavors you like! And... we won't have to worry about a forecast of ice cream rain here."
"Maybe I am," he teased. It did seem like a cool ability to have, reading minds and stuff. He could use it to read the minds of his professors to get the correct answers for exams! Not that he would because that would be cheating, and he was nothing if not going to succeed or fail on his own efforts (or lack thereof), but it would still be cool to have the option. Plus it seemed like it would make some things easier if he knew what people thought. Like right now when she mentioned the cheek kiss. Something that had become a thing last term.

Not that he minded! Obviously! But sometimes it was confusing and made him feel a little flustered, though a little less so now than at the very beginning, and just...well. It was a ThingTM. "Might be fun to try some time though," he said with a chuckle, though he did release her from the hug and sat back down.

Ezra supposed there was probably such a thing as overdoing the amount of sunscreen used, like looking like a ghost, but he wasn't sure why she thought it was cruel to say that her mum was protecting her freckles or that they might make her more susceptible to sunburns. Some people did sometimes have more trouble with burning more quickly than others, or so he thought he'd heard. "I guess it's good she wants to protect them though. They look nice."

He accepted the small bottle of sunscreen, squeezing a little into one hand as she offered to help. "Oh, uh..." He considered for a brief second then continued, "Guess that'd be more efficient. You get this arm while I get my other one?" If both arms could be covered at the same time, the sooner they'd be done and could move on to ice cream! So it seemed like a logical plan to him.

Speaking of which. "What kinda ice cream are you planning to get?"
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