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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Maria had just bought her frozen butterbeer, and fudge treat for herslef ans was about to take a sip of the cold dream when her boyfriend surfaced by her side. The day just got 1000 times better. "Hey Kion," she greeted back with a warm loving smile, returning his cheek kiss. "We shouldn't complain i suppose, but yes it's super hot." Maria admitted. Gesturing to the cart behind her she asked "Are you getting yourself a frozen butterbeer too?" Taking a sip of her beverage she sighed with relief. The could drink was just what she needed. "I'm good. I was just taking a beverage break after seeing and catching up with Vera...In an hour or so I have to go meet my dads for book shopping. Now though I'm free.." After taking a bite out of her fudge Maria returned the question. "How have you been Kion? Have you seen Logan any?"

"Yep, a frozen butterbeer sounds just right for the weather, " Kion said as he mentally counted the coins needed for the drink. Luckily the line was quick for him to receive his too shortly. "Oh nice, I saw Vera earlier at Gobstones practice. I think we might win another tournament from our good streak so far," Kion said. "How are your dads and little Emari? Is he excited to go back to primary school this year?" Wasn't too long ago he could barely talk when he first met her little brother. "I'm doing okay, well, actually great now with you here," Never mind him still blushing at how he felt about Maria.

"I haven't ran into Logan yet, actually," Though that might change very soon if Maria and Vera were going to hang out together in an hour. "Erm, did you ever get to take your Apparition lesson? I have my next test in a couple days. But I think I'll pass it this time." The last time he splinched with his arm hairs missing. It was incredibly unfair since they could grow back easily.


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