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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Not-being-perceived was the name of Phoebe's game this summer. She would have preferred to spend the summer not being seen or heard from by kids from school, but sometimes the other kids at Stemp House were too loud and Pheebs was forced to come out here. So it was dark sunglasses, baggy hoodies, short shorts, and new makeup, because then she would be harder to recognize. There were specific people she was avoiding, but she also just... wanted to preserve her summer from the influence of her least favorite place, you know?

It was HOT HOT HOT outside, and Pheebs absolutely needed a cold, refreshing drink. Unfortunately, she didn't have much money left right now from what she'd been given, so she too had been collecting coins off the street and also from any grown-up that looked like they could be persuaded to donate a sickle (she was good at that sort of thing by now, having done it often when she'd spent all of Stemp House's money on books). But now she had 13 sickles in her hands, with 4 more to go, and it was hard to hold them all at once. Her hands were small, as was the rest of Phoebe, and she kept dropping them. She kept trying to pick them up, and then dropping them again, and at some point she'd managed to drop them all at once and they scattered everywhere. Phoebe Calypso was clumsy, to say the least. Clumsy and mortified, with her cheeks a shade of bright pink that could not be explained by the very subtle blush she had been wearing.

So yes... there was someone dropping coins around here. In fact, dropping coins was the ONLY thing Phoebe seemed to be doing, despite her best efforts to recollect them.
Diamond drew the line at begging or at the very least being perceived as though she was in need. Which was why her preferred method was taking just a little bit of coin from her parents' wallets over a couple of day's time. Couldn't do it all at once because then it was obvious. But a little here and a little there worked wonderfully for her. It just wasn't her fault that her eyes were bigger than her pockets and absolutely the fault of all her favorite brands coming up with new product for the summer season - only ONE of which would sponsor her which was just rude.

What wasn't so rude was the sickle that came rolling towards her and spun to a stop after hitting her shoe. "Don't mind if I do," she hummed to herself as she pocketed it. Still was not enough to get herself a butterbeer...which now meant she was debating with herself as to whether or not she really wanted one or if she had just seen the cart and the color and smell had enticed her - that was good advertising. But then she noticed that one of her peers (the one with the purple backpack and was just as likely to fall into a Venomous Tentacula as she was to consider it endearing) was being messy. " trying to lay a trail to catch a niffler or something?" she questioned with her right brow raised.

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