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As much as he preferred to not be inside of his office, today was one of those days Frankie absolutely needed to stay within the room and tackle that pile of paperwork that was only growing with each day that passed. It was a part of the job he always dreaded, even when he was an Auror. However, duty called, and he couldn't ignore the less exciting responsibilities that came with his role. Slowly but surely, file after file was examined, signed, and/or forwarded onto the appropriate person.

He was about halfway through the stack when the orb on his desk suddenly flashed. Having caught his attention, blue eyes diverted from the current file to the projection of Tomasz Łaska. It was then he remembered that they had a meeting scheduled, the note reminding him of such a thing now buried somewhere in the sea of paperwork that surrounded him. Thank Merlin for that ever-handy glass tool of his; always reliable and not easy to misplace, it was.

Glad to take a break from the paperwork momentary, the department head set the file in his hand aside and rose from his seat. By the time he had made it around his desk and started making his way across the office, the knock echoed from the other side of the door. Seconds later, the door was swung open and the two men were now face-to-face.

"Hello, Tomasz," Frankie greeted the man with a warm smile before adding, "Come in and make yourself at home." The blond stepped aside, gesturing for the younger man to enter and choose a seat.

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