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Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Inspect the creature Elio did, but really, to him it looked like any of the other pygmy puffs on display, maybe because he'd never been all that interested in them. No offence to it, though. Or any of the others. He was sure they were all real nice and made good pets and all. But still, he couldn't help but imagine Cosmo playing hunter, if Elio ever brought one of these home, even though Cosmo was the nicest, cuddliest cat on the planet. Some fates Elio preferred not to tempt.

Any anyway, if he got a pet, it would probably be a cat of his own. But again. What if Cosmo didn't like it? (And then, if Cosmo was sad, what if it made PapÓ sad in turn?) So no. Elio didn't need a pet, even if he was about to go where Cosmo wouldn't follow.

"Won't if get confusing if they're both called Sophie?" Elio asked the girl, shifting the items in his arms as a couple of the boxes threatened to fall. Also, there was a tickly lock of hair that kept falling into his eyes, and he tried to puff his breath upwards to blow it free.

But then. Then. Elio could tell where the girl was looking, and he shifted the things he was carrying again, this time more self-consciously, and making them all the more likely to fall, though he kept his tenuous hold on them. "So what if I am?" he replied, a little defensively. Because of course he would be getting it all, even though he himself had only just minutes ago been doubting whether he would or should. Now that someone else had questioned the decision, it was clearly the course of action he would take, however obstinately. "What's wrong with getting all this?" And why were her eyebrows doing that thing? It wasn't that weird. It wasn't eyebrow-worthy.

... Was it?

Not that it mattered, because this was the stuff he was getting no matter what.
No, no, no. Sophie didn't just look like any other pygmy puff. She was so much fluffier and much cuter than all the other ones. Laini had an eye for these things, so that's how she knew. Only, she didn't exactly know if her pygmy puff was a girl. And also, she wasn't sure how she was supposed to know that kind of thing. And also, also, if it wasn't girl, would it be weird if she still called it Sophie?

"No," she answered the boy without any hesitation, not understanding what would make it so confusing. "I'm naming her Sophie because my sister graduated Hogwarts and I'm going to Hogwarts now, so I want Sophie to be with me. And Now! She can!" She punctuated the point by nuzzling Pygmy Puff!Sophie again. Did it make more sense now? Not that she cared to make sense to him, but it would be nice to be complimented for her cleverness every once in a while. She preened.

Wow, Laini, you're such a genius! Laini, that's so clever of you!

Laini, everyone in the world should love you and bow down at your feet and buy you as much ice cream as you want and also do your homework!

It wasn't much that she was asking for.

All this aside, she was judging his choices, yes. "Nothing, I guess," she shrugged, her eyebrows still doing most of the talking. "If you want that much stuff. Just seems like a lot." He couldn't even hold it properly. She'd offer to help, but she was holding her pygmy puff and also she didn't really want to right now. "I don't really get it." Why would anyone want instant ... darkness powder (...? she squinted) anyway?
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