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He nearly allowed what was purely playful banter turn snarky - nearly being the key word here as residual sentiments from previous exchanges were jeering at Joseph to turn feral. Rather frustrating that the techniques to manage such defences actually worked . He would send flowers or some tacky fruit basket with mini muffins to his Mysteries mentor and Professor Feirgrund whenever his sarcasm suffered his empathy for such a gesture to actually manifest.

And speaking of said sarcasm.

"You need to up your game to get to my level, obviously," he quipped with one last grunt swung his guitar over and on to his thighs. "You're no demiguise." Joseph gave the offered earpod a brief skeptical look before accepting it and swapping it out with his own for a brief listen. "At least your musical tastes are better than your hide-and-go-seek prowess." Clearing his throat a bit as he offered the earpod back to Fynley, his lips creased together like two severely dehydrated shrivelfigs. "Don't get too excited you sorted that out and think you ought to go run off and be an investigator or anything," he managed to smile upon rehydrating his lips with his tongue.

Just, well, not exactly the romantic serenade kind of evening.

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