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There was no need to be sad on Tam’s account. She had her sisters, and her cousins which there was quite the abundance of. Besides while she did not have the qualities of an extrovert, the friends she DID have were more than enough - like Dynah herself. Her only concern was being a bother to the Hufflepuff, which she would take the other girl at her word and try not to stress too much about that possibility.

The enthusiastic agreement was a relief to her, and she let out a small breath while some of the shyness ebbed away, instead replaced by an odd fluttering in her chest while her grin stretched across her face. Oh? Dy even knew of somewhere that would be good for them to park themselves? “A cafe sounds lovely!” And she was certain she had enough pocket change she could get something for both of them so the proprietors of the establishment wouldn’t be annoyed by their presence. “I’ll remind you as soon as we’re seated.” She promised, knowing she would remember to just that. Last thing she wanted was for one or both of Dynah’s dads to not like her because they had forgotten to remain responsible. She’d need to send her own parents an update as well - if only just so they were well informed on her whereabouts.

Tamara hadn’t found it to be too much at all - in fact, she was pleased by what the girl considered ‘mushiness’. It was nice having someone that cared so much about her and wanted to share things with her - even better that they had the shared interests to do so on. Considering the genres she listed, Tam tilted her head while she thought - a few different melodies unconsciously being hummed as songs of each popped into her mind. “Considering the tempos and the sounds of each, I bet we could start a song with the upbeat pop vibes before mellowing it out into almost a ballad, which could then lead into the classical. And then for the climax? We bring it to rock and really end on a strong note.” As for her favorite artist and song? “I don’t listen to too much without lyrics but… I know I’ve at least heard of Joshua Miller! I’ll look up the song!” And maybe buy the latest album, if it was one Dy liked a lot.

It was hard to not giggle as well, which was exactly what Tam did at Dynah’s laugh. The sound of the Hufflepuff’s amusement was just far too infectious to have not done so! “Maybe I should join the Quiz bowl in a few terms so I can really let the random tidbits in my brain shine.” She giggled again, before sobering slightly at the other topic. It was exhausting if anything for how much she beat herself up in all social interactions - but truly, she was getting better about it. Thanks to the present company. “I think you might be one of the only ones who does know me well enough to speak on this subject.”
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