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~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Scene 6:
April 2113 - It was about two years Reagan and Christopher have been dating. Despite their busy schedules that revolved around family, work and WADA, they still made time for each other.

Christopher Michael Carter (Kolyander)
Reagan Aurora Anders (FearlessLeader19)

Saturdays happened to be when they both were free for the most part. This meant that they got to have an extended time for a date or two. Since it was a bright and clear day, Rea had suggested the visit St. James Park for a picnic and a couple of ball games. It was a perfect date idea if you asked her, and Rea, with one arm currently linked through one of Christopher's was admiring the day and the birds as they flew overhead. In her other hand, she clutched at the picnic basket with all the goodies. Sure, she could have let the boyfriend carry it but she was an independent little lady. Such a task did not bother her.

"A game of volleyball before we eat?" Rea asked, tearing her gaze away from the sky to draw it to Christopher instead. Her appetite hadn't gotten huge as yet and she dearly wanted to do something active right away; there was such time for them both to throw back and relax afterwards.
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