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Originally Posted by Charely Potter View Post

Darej then heard from a distance Violet, his new boss, throwing spells which prompted him to set his bag aside for now. Heading in the direction of the noises into the herbology section, where he could see the door to the greenhouses enveloped in branches. "Whoa," He said out of reflex, "Ordinarily, I'd say good morning Violet, but it looks to be anything but one," In his attempt to make light of the situation to relieve stress, "Diffindo," While he wasn't quite the plant expert, he could feel the adrenaline of the unknown kicking in him ready to assist.

Yes, that was her sentiment exactly too. Flashing a half smile over her shoulder at Darej that had arrived to help with the branch situation Violet said as she carefully set her large handbag, and teacup down on the floor to have more room to move incase they got attacked. "Hello Darej, and no this is not what I had pictured to meet this morning. I fear we have a plant situation in the greenhouse to deal with unless you know of any creatures that might have escaped the cells overnight?" Violet already guessed what Darej's answer was going to be so she turned her focus to the greenhouses again. "Alahomora!" she murmured, as she stepped forward to open the door into the greenhouse before heading inside to face whatever was causing the loud scratching and crashing noises.
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