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Originally Posted by Lottiepot View Post
Allie had no doubt in her mind that Matty would be absolutely fine wherever she was. If there was one thing she was sure of about her fiancé it was that she could easily handle herself. The blonde had been so incredibly proud when she heard of her new job that worrying about her safety hadn’t even crossed her mind. “Oh I know she’ll be fine” she laughed. “You Ackerlys are the fiercest, most incredible women. I have no doubt that you’ll cope with whatever your careers through at you.” There was no family that she would be prouder of joining. Arguably Allie was pretty fierce too, she WAS a Gryffindor after all, but she decided she wasn’t quite cut out for that lifestyle quite yet and had pursued her other passions first.

“Tell me about it,” she chuckled thinking back to how exhausting the children in the daycare had been that day. “I know you all have to be so physically fit but have you ever tried keeping up with a toddler?” A toddler who had clearly consumed far too much sugar before their parents helpfully dropped them off for someone else to deal with. “Just think about how incredible you’ll look by the end of it.” Not that Ariadne didn’t already look incredible but it was surely an added bonus?

Allie was surprised to hear that the school experience hadn’t been favourable to her cousin-in-law, she herself had loved her time at Hogwarts and would gladly go back if she could. “Do you wish you’d stayed at Beauxbatons then?” She could see the appeal but nothing would change her mind over Hogwarts being the superior magic school.
Allie was absolutely spitting facts there and then. Ari couldn't help the smirk that crept on her lips because, yes, she absolutely looked up to the ladies in their family. Not to be biased or anything. Take Ma and Mum, for example. Ma was the cool and casual to Mum's feminine spirit, yet they both were amazing in their own ways. Suppose her uncle and her male cousins were alright. (Kidding. They're great themselves, but that's not the point.) "Cousin dear, you inflate my ego," Ari teased. "Don't forget you'll be part of the family, too. Soon." Allie would fit right in, Ari wholeheartedly thought so. It takes such a personality.

"I wish I could, but I'm bound to secrecy." Ari had to grin cheekily. Sure, she was teasing again, but it's also true that she couldn't divulge everything she knew about the workings of the Auror office. Confidentiality was a big deal in the kind of tasks they did, even as a mere trainee now, when she assists her Auror-in-charge with cases. "Maybe I'll find out once Ander is old enough." Her tiniest brother, who has only lived about six months on Earth, did not need so much chasing around just yet. Ari certainly did not look forward to those inevitable days, years from now. "Though I am offended you don't think I look incredible already." Wow, cousin! Once again, all in jest.

It wasn't specifically the Hogwarts experience per se. It was, and the timing of it all. Ari struggled a lot in her fifth year, not just because she had been a fresh transfer but also because she dealt with OWLs on that very same year. It was a lot of adjustment on her part, which...led to some unfavourable dark days and bad decisions. But that was in the past. To Allie's question, Ari shook her head. "No, I don't regret transferring." She made some very good friends in Hogwarts. She also met Tommy. Most importantly, she was with Rora. Some problems along the way simply paled in comparison to the wonderful things she gained from it all.
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